So October is here. The month of pumpkin spice lattes and the gorgeous changing colours of leaves. I love Autumn. But first, here are my September favourites.


1. Barry M's Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish in 'Plum On Baby Light My Fire' and 'Dark Side of The 'Shroom'. I finally caved in and bought these two colours because they're gorgeous, and they look even better on my nails. I love them, perfect Autumn colours!

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion - I know I'm VERY late to the party with this product, but I have only just discovered this beautiful product. It makes any eyeshadow last all day and it is amazing.

3. Benefit's Roller Lash - I still only have the sample size of this, and started using it because I ran out of They're Real. I've fallen in love with this and I plan on picking up the full size version when this one runs out!

4. Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick in Red Essential - This entire range is beautiful, but I've chosen Red Essential because I've fallen in love with it this month, Perfect for Autumn and lasts for ages!

5. Urban Decay Microfibre Brow Beater Pencil - this pencil is so thin it mimics hairs, and therefore adds a really natural look to your brows - I use it to fill in my sparser brow before using a brow kit on it. It also has a spoolie on the other end to tame your brows. Perfect!

6. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - I've fallen out of love with my Benefit Erase Paste and it's current cakiness on my face and picked this up on a whim once lunch break. I am so glad I did. The fairest colour is almost perfect for me and it blends beautifully. Expect a full review soon.

Have you done any monthly favourites recently? Link them to me!

Don't Look At Me is one of the newer products, I'm not sure if it was part of the Oxford Street cohort, but it definitely came out around the same time as those products hit the rest of the Lush shops.

I'll be honest, I was drawn in by the look of this mask. Look how blue it is! It's beautiful. Don't Look At Me is full of lemon juice and neroli oil to tone and brighten the skin, plus tofu to soften as well. Having used about half the pot now, I can say that these things are all true. It's a fantastic mask. There's just one problem. 
The smell.

I don't know what it is, but I don't like it. It's not the lemon juice, or the neroli oil - both scents that I love. But something in this mask just doesn't agree with my nostrils. I think it smells like playdough. Maybe it's the tofu. Who knows. Either way, I don't think I'll be repurchasing this mask purely because the smell puts me off! 

What do you think, have you tried this mask, what do you think?
Weekend Wishlist


Autumn is beckoning, the 23rd September is officially the first day of Autumn! And as such, I've started thinking about winter boots, and how much I love them. I'm heavy footed and very clumsy, so I get through a pair every winter, therefore it's only fair I start thinking about this year's choice. The two black ones are the most likely, I can't imagine wearing the sparkly ones underneath my workwear, but my oh my how pretty are they?

What do you think?
Harry Potter jewelry


To those who know me or follow me on any form of social media, my Harry Potter obsession shouldn't come as a surprise. I read the first book when I was seven, and I was hooked. and fifteen years later, I love it even more. So it was only natural that I eventually entered the foray of Harry Potter jewelry. Fortunately for me, I found a lot on eBay, and even more fortunately, found it very cheaply! I've had some compliments on my awesome jewelry, so I thought I'd share the links to where I got the pieces from! A few of them have sold out since I bought it, so I've chosen something similar instead :)

What do you think?


It's difficult to explain this shampoo. It's like nothing I've ever tried. This shampoo is full of peppermint to invigorate the scalp and refresh you. That, it does. Oh my goodness, my my scalp felt fresher than Alaska when I was rubbing it in.
It made my hair shiny and so clean, which is great. But, be careful to not get the shampoo over your face, because it's all good and well to have an invigorating scalp, but an invigorating cheek? Not so great. 
If you want a shampoo that will make your hair feel fresh and super-clean, this is the shampoo for you.
Just don't get it in your eyes.
Anatomicals products are available on the ASOS website!


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