Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Lush's Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Hey guys!
So anyone who's been reading my blog for a while will know just how much I love Lush bath bombs. And Lush in general actually. It occurred to me that I hadn't done a review of my FAVOURITE Lush bath bomb yet, so today that's changed...


I apologise for the mass of photos BUT HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS BATH BOMB.

Intergalactic smells of a mixture of peppermint and grapefruit, which is invigorating and awakens the sense as soon as it hits the bath water. The smell is beautiful, but the real magic comes when you pop it into your bath. The colours are mesmerising and I find myself staring at it fizz every time I use it. The colours are beautiful and it leaves the bath the most beautiful shade of blue, making me feel like a space mermaid - a great feeling.

There is one aspect of this ballistic that divides opinion, however. That is glitter. The bath bomb is FULL of it. When you leave the bath you will have a layer of glitter on you, and you will need to rinse your bath of it. When I brushed my hair afterwards, specks of glitter floated out of my hair. It was glorious. I love glitter, so this is not even a slight problem for me, but if you hate glitter, I recommend that you avoid this. 

Have you tried this? What's your favourite bath bomb?

Friday, 20 May 2016

Review: Ever Glaze Nail Polish

So China Glaze have released a new range of nail polishes called Ever Glaze, promising to provide a gel like shine without the hassle of a UV light, and I was lucky enough to try them out*!


The Ever Glaze range has lots of colours - 24! - but I tried 'We Be Jammin'  - a muted lilac, 'Current Crush' - a yellow-toned blue, and 'Pretty Poppy' - a coral red.

China Glaze promise the polishes will be long-lasting and extremely durable, whilst being shiny and cheaper than a normal gel manicure. It's certainly cheaper with the RRP being £8.99!

So when using Ever Glaze, you're meant to start with the 'nail prep' before painting two coats of your chosen colour and then finishing off with their 'active top coat'.

I didn't have the base or top coat, so I used Seche Vite as my top coat. I think this made a difference. The colours were nice, and all three were opaque and even in two coats which I was pleased with. They dried quicker than a lot of polishes I've used to, which was great because I'm very impatient when it comes to polish!

However, I found that all three polishes started chipping within 24 hours, which was less than ideal. This is probably because I didn't use the top coat, which is my own fault!

I'd recommend this range of polishes, but I would suggest that you certainly buy the top coat as well when purchasing, as without it the polish doesn't last too long.

Have you tried this range? Let me know what you think!

*Disclaimer, I was fortunate enough to receive these polishes to review, however this doesn't change my opinion, as always. :)

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Summer Nails - Coral

Finally, the sun is out! And as such, it's time that my names match my summery outfits. Gone are the pretty pastels and in are the bright, summery colours. Here are my choice of orange-y/corals!


Let's start with what's currently on my nails, Topshop's 'New Wave'. I always forget how great Topshop's polishes are until they're on my nails! This is a gorgeous bright colour that goes on smoothly and opaquely in two coats!

Talking of bright colours, Model's Own Hed Kandi Collection in Hedonist is most certainly the brightest polish in my collection. It's a very true coral colour, and it's very neon! If you like bright colours, I recommend this wholeheartedly!

My orange choice is Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint in Mango. I love the Gelly colours from Barry M and this is no exception, it's a lovely orange that goes on smoothly and looks great with a tan...not that I'd know, as I never tan ;)

Next up is two more red choices, Rimmel's Salon Pro in Hip Hop and their 60 Second Polish in 'Orgasm'. (Who chooses nail polish names?) I'm sure everyone who wears nail polish has tried Rimmel, and they're a great high street brand, well priced and good quality. Both opaque in two coats and last a few days without chipping!

So I'm now going to go out and enjoy the sun whilst it's here!
What's your go-to summer polish colour?


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