Saturday, 13 September 2014

Book review: The Giver - Lois Lowry

This review will not contain any spoilers.

Dystopian fiction is my favourite genre. It started when I read the Hunger Games, suddenly I wanted to read more and more. 1984 is easily one of my favourite books, and I've just begun reading Farenheit 451 - with high hopes. So when I saw the trailer for the movie adaption I knew I'd have to read it straight away.
This is, technically, aimed for children, so it is not a difficult read in any way - from start to finish it probably took me six hours. 
It is set in a dystopian/utopian society called 'sameness'.It is seemingly perfect, there is no pain or war. People take pills to suppress their emotions, they're assigned careers, spouses and even children. 

The story follows a young boy names Jonas as he is assigned 'receiver of memories' - meaning he is to hold all the memories of everyone for centuries in his head, and he is the only person in the community to do so. This, clearly, creates issues in the young boy's life, and the book follows him. As he delves further into the memories, he realises not everything is quite the way it seems to be.

For a children's book, it was interesting. But not much happened. I expected more from it and was ultimately disappointed. The idea is fantastic and I'd love to see it embellished upon, but as for the story itself, it wasn't meaty enough. Nothing really happens for the first 80% and then I felt it was very rushed, with the ending itself being a massive anti climax. I probably would have enjoyed this as a child, but as an adult, not so much.

I'll certainly see the movie, just to see how it relates to the book. 
Have you read it, or seen it? What did you think?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review: Lush Dragon Egg Bath Ballistic

I am a massive Lush fan, and their bath ballistics are potentially my favourite product.
I bought a bunch of new bath ballistics recently and decided to try out this one first.

On first glance, I wasn't sure how I'd get on with it. It seems just a plain white colour with a few pieces of coloured confetti tucked in to it.
It smelt amazing though, really citrus and refreshing, so I was still excited to try it.

As you can see, as soon as I popped it in the bath, it took on a life of it's own and fizzed and revealed a gorgeous golden core!

The only thing I didn't like was the confetti, it stuck to my skin and was a hassle to get out the bath, luckily there were only 5 or 6 pieces in the ballistic.

I shall definitely be re-purchasing this beauty, I love it!
Have you used it? What did you think?

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Benefit's Erase Paste in 'Fair'.

One thing I have always struggled with is dark under eye circles. It doesn't matter how much sleep I do or don't get, those tricky things never disappear. I've used countless concealers and although many of them do help, none of them have been amazing or made me less self conscious about them.
This is where Erase Paste comes in. I was lucky enough to get my make up done at Benefit for graduation, and Erase Paste is the concealer they used for me. Straight away I loved it, it covered up my dark circles and blemishes, and I knew I had it to have it.
As a guide, here is my eye without any make up on at all:

I don't think this picture shows the true extent of dark circles, but you can definitely see that I've got them!

And below is a photo of me with the concealer on. I'm also wearing a thin layer of Body Shop BB Cream.

As you can see, my circles are a lot less visible now, and my skin tone is far more even.

It's a very thick concealer, you only need a smidgen to cover your under eye area.

This small amount covered both sections of my under-eye and my nose, and is the size of probably a pea. I've used it every day for two weeks and it's barely caused a dent in it.

It's a very creamy, thick concealer, that doesn't crease or melt off my face too much during the day - I have extremely oily skin so that's a God send!

At £20.50 it's not the cheapest concealer, but if you can afford it, it's certainly worth it. If you're a student, you can get 10% off at ASOS, which I recommend! I've not managed to find a dupe for it, if you know of one, let me know!

Have you used Erase Paste? If so, what do you think?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nail HQ Nail Treatments

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive nail treatments from Nail HQ!

The first I received was a nail hardener, which I was so pleased to get because I have such issues with weak, brittle nails that peel. I wore this for 3 days, and was pleased to see how it had strengthened my nails, I've tried many nail hardeners that do nothing for me so I was glad to see that this one worked!

The second was a ridge filler, which I wasn't so sure about. I don't tend to have ridges in my nails, therefore this polish wasn't too much use to me, but it still made a nice base coat, and it is the only nail treatment from Nail HQ to have a slight colour to it, meaning you could wear it without coating a colour on top and you would still have a nice sheer pink colour on your nails.

The final polish was an 'all in one'. This polish contains argan oil, meaning it should provide a nourishing coat to your nails - which for me, it did. I used this as both a top coat and base coat, and it definitely strengthened my nails - although not as much as the hardener. It worked really well as a top coat in that it gave me a nice glossy finish.

They retail for between $8 and $12 (I don't know the conversion rate) and are available here.

I shall certainly be picking the other polishes from Nail HQ!
Have you tried Nail HQ? What did you think?

Friday, 5 September 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 'Nude-ist'

I am not a nude person. (Ooh la la.) I like my lipsticks loud, like myself. Bright reds and pinks so neon they hurt your eyes. That's my forte, I feel safe with my bright lipsticks. Nudes? They're a different matter. Too dark, and you look like your mum in the 90s, too light, and you have that weird foundation chav girl look. Both are looks I want to avoid. Then there's this beauty. This is my new favourite formula of lipstick and it is a matter of time before I own all of the colours, it really is.

It's a gorgeous dark pink that isn't too bright, but not too dark either. Very a la Kylie Jenner - my new make up crush don't you know. I will admit, I am a fan of the youngest Kardashian sister, now that's a phrase I never thought I'd say! (I have never and never will watch that ghastly show.)

Just like the other colours in this formula, it goes on beautifully, very pigmented, and seriously sticks around. Yes, it does transfer onto mugs, but it doesn't leave your lips whilst doing so!

Anyone else love this formula as much as I do?