Saturday, 18 October 2014

Shu Uemura TSUA Skin Youthful Crystal-Transparency Lotion - review

And the award for the longest name for a skincare product goes to....
I jest. I jest. Although it is pretty long.

Shu Uemura's new product is a clever little thing, as it claims to 'boost skin's self-cleaning mechanism and draw out crystal clear skin from within'.

This product is a mix between a cleanser and a toner - and it certainly has the consistency of a toner. Water thin, not at all sticky and completely transparent, it wipes away any impurities left over after I cleanse in the evening. It comes in three different types, one for oily skin, two for normal/dry skin and three for very dry skin. I have number two, which is the option I would choose anyhow, as my skin is very much combination.

At 21 years old, I'm aware that I don't need to worry about staying youthful, but I still think this product is fantastic. Admittedly, at £39, it is the most expensive toner I have ever used, but it certainly does its job right. It tightens my pores without making my face feel odd, and made my skin more even - I suffer with redness on my face and it's definitely helping combat it. I have the 150ml bottle and despite using it every day for weeks, it still looks completely full.

You can buy it here :)

* This product was gifted to me, but that, as always, does NOT change my review:)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review: Rimmel's 60 Second Nail Polish in 'Orgasm'

I've always been a fan of Rimmel's nail polishes. Their colours are fantastic and for the price, the wear time is good. 'Orgasm' is no exception. Shame about the name...
A bright orange toned red, this colour would be perfect for Summer, but I love wearing it now Autumn has come around, it gives my otherwise dark outfits a pop of colour!

This was almost completely opaque in two coats, but I popped a third coat on just in case. It lasted three days without chipping - which is fantastic for me, and dries so quickly, as the name suggests.
It retails for £3.69 in Boots and Superdrug, and there's always deals on with Rimmel :)

What do you think? Have you tried this polish?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review: Clarisonic Aria

The Clarisonic Aria is a cult classic that every blogger seems to want or have. Despite the amazing reviews, with a RRP of £135 there was no way I could justify buying one, I forgot about it for a little while, until I was asked if I wanted to review one. Well of course, I jumped at the chance. So yes, I was gifted this product, but no, that will not change my review.

On first impression, I loved it. Small, compact and PINK. It has three buttons - the power button, a button to speed it up and one to slow it down - depending on what part of your face and how sensitive you are.
I've not pictured the charger because I've managed to hide it in my room somewhere, but it's pretty amazing. It has a magnetic charger that sticks itself to your Clarisonic and then plugs into a wall adapter. That little hole in the stand is for the wire to pass through in order to keep it on it's stand whilst charging.
I personally think the stand is a great idea, I don't want it lying around on my dressing table, so being able to stand it up is a great bonus.

The bristles don't look particularly soft, but as soon as I put them to my face, my worry was vanished. The cycle is two minutes, and it turns itself off after that. I'll admit, the first time I used it, I was disappointed. It definitely took off all my makeup, but I didn't think 'wow'. I persevered however, and used it every day for a month. Then I didn't use it for a week. I got blemishes and my skin looked rubbish, but since I started using my Aria again it cleared up, so I guess it's a product that you will only notice the difference with once you stop using it! It made my skin incredibly soft and my moisturiser definitely seemed to work better as well.

This should be obvious, but definitely do not use this to remove eye makeup, your eye area is far too delicate for a tool such as this! I always double cleanse, and I use the Clarisonic as the second step in my regimen :)

My skin looks brighter and feels so much better. Yes it is a lot of money, but if you can afford it and are thinking about it, then I definitely recommend it!


Saturday, 4 October 2014

Weekend Wishlist

Weekend Wishlist

I have an obsession with tartan. This week I am obsessing over winter clothing, and clearly there is a definite theme. That theme being all things checked! I have so many patterned things already, I certainly don't need anymore, but how cute would that skirt look with thick tights and cosy jumper?

Click through to grab the links for the items :)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Blistex Relief Cream - aka the best lip balm ever.

For some unknown reason, I seem to get really bad chapped lips regardless of the weather. It can be beautifully sunny and 25c, middle of February and -1c or somewhere in between, and my lips will be chapped regardless. I have tried so many lip balms, I must own about 20, from super cheap to far more expensive, and none of them do anything to help my lips. Not only will they be chapped, but I will regularly wake up and realise they've been bleeding. I know, gross. Then someone recommended Blistex Relief Cream to me. I was skeptical, a product so cheap surely won't do all I need, will it?

As you can see, the product is definitely more medical looking that cosmetic, and at only £2.65 I thought it was worth giving a go.
I cannot recommend it enough. I apply it once in the morning and evening, and occasionally during the day if they're really chapped, and it works wonders. It's the only product that stops my lips from chapping, I love it so much. I pop it in my handbag wherever I go, it is an absolute essential for me.
As Winter comes closer, I'm sure more and more of you suffer from chapped lips, and this little thing is a life saver!

Have you tried it? What did you think?

Disclaimer: I am definitely not sponsored or endorsed or anything by Blistex, I just really bloody love this product : )