Sunday, 20 March 2011

Baking Bug :)

I know I said I wasn't going to post much here, but I've been baking today, and I never bake really so I thought I'd do a post!

Soooo me and mum found a Victoria sponge mix in the cupboard, and we decided to make it into fairy cakes. The mixture was pretty runny, but likely, it cooked fine and wasn’t too soggy as we thought might happen. Obviously the texture wasn’t as good as it would have been had we made them with our own mixture, it was slightly rubbery, but only slightly, and they tasted fine!

Omnomnom. They were lovely.

We also made a coffee one each! We’ve not tasted it yet, but the mixture was gorgeoussss, so fingers crossed!

After making the cakes, me and my mum still had the baking bug, so, we made a quiche!

It’s not as burnt as it looks here, but it was very golden brown. It was perfect five minutes before we took it out of the oven, but such is life. We didn’t have any scales, nor a rolling pin, so we improvised, using a bottle of Malibu as a rolling pin (!!) and guess work for the quiche as she hadn’t made one for years! However, the pastry was a bit over done, and stuck to the bottom of the pastry dish, because we forgot to grease the dish! Apart from that, it was loveeeely. We put green peppers, tomato’s, cheese and ham in it, onmnomnomnom!

I made a pastry doughnut ring out of the excess pastry, muahahahah :)


  1. that quiche looks perfect!

    Helen, X

  2. ooo get you and all your baking! I could just eat a slice of quiche now...weird as it's gone 11pm! oops! x


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