Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday Fancies!

Friday Fancies
Things I want this week! I've been obsessing over floaty blouses recently, I have one, but I use it as a second layer, and I don't do it up....mainly because I bought in a size too small because they didn't have my size, so it doesn't really do over my bust, annoying much. I'm going shopping Sunday, I'll try and buy one then :) I am also currently loving peter pan collars. I have a peter pan collar dress, which I love, so now I want more! And this top is a beautifulll colour as well. Same with the breton top really, I just really want one for slouchy days to wear with jeans and brogues or converse :)


  1. I love these. the colors are amazing. and i love the peter pan collars too.x

  2. I really like the bottom left one, where is it from?xxx

  3. Bottom left, is from River Island. xxxx


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