Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Now I have a camera, I plan to start taking photo's, and therefore, once a week, will do a blogpost with a certain amount of photo's. Obviously I'm one of a long list of bloggers who do this, so you understand what I'm trying to say/do.
(From left to right.)

01. I went out for a meal and then the pub on Wednesday night (20th) to celebrate my 18th in my family, and wore my new red dress! 02. The salmon was too good, so I had to take a picture. It was lovely! 03. I did, however, get 'inordinately pissed' (kudos if you can guess the film/character who says this!) and I, for some unknown reason, decided to take a picture of a few of the drinks. I was drinking the wine. It was good wine. Shame it made me so sick at 3am! 04. I was hunting through my room the other day, and I found this little purse, I used to use it as a coin purse, but it fits my camera almost perfectly! 05. This is how I occupied myself on the train journey home. The book's 'Revolutionary Road' (made into a film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, but I'm not enjoying it very much, so I've put it on hold for a while. The song I was listening to, incidentally, was 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack. 06. It's nice to see the tree leaves so green again, and it was sunny, so I snapped a picture whilst walking home yesterday. I got a really weird look from a passer-by!
(Edit: Not entirely sure why my pictures decided to go all blurry, usually, they're not at all like that. Bloody thing!)


  1. That salmon does look delicious! Also the camera/coin purse is so cute! Good work on the recycling of it haha! x

  2. It was so good! I don't usually pick fish at a restuarant, but as I went in, I saw some-one have it and was like 'I must eat this!!' It's adorable isn't it! I'm in love with it :D x

  3. I really really really like Teardrop by Massive Attack. I didn't even realise that was the original until I heard it covered by Jose Gonzalez.



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