Friday, 27 May 2011

Avon SuperExtend Mascara

Good evening! I'm sorry this was so late, I originally wanted to post this about 6pm, but I was at the pub for a quick drink this afternoon, and didn't get around to it. I'm sure it makes no difference whatsoever to any of you anyway, but thought I'd state it!

I don't see many mascara reviews, or many Avon reviews (maybe I'm following the wrong people?) so I thought I'd share with you a review of the mascara I'm currently using :)

Avon's SuperExtend Mascara, which costs £8.50, you can view it here if you so wish :)

Now, before I carry on, I will admit, I wasn't expecting too much from this mascara - there were quite a few bad reviews of it on the website and I only bought it because there was a free foundation going with it (which is fabulous) and I had all but run out of the mascara I was using previously. But lo and behold, I love it. It's not too gloopy, it doesn't smell awful, it doesn't create spider lashes, the brush is nice, it's brilliant!


Before, when I didn't have any make-up on, I may have had a little remains from yesterday's make-up that I couldn't remove, but nothing much really.


And after! I think it works really well. I think I've got quite short eyelashes - although my mother always argues with me about this - and I think this makes them much longer.

So there you have it. I definitely reccommend it.
PS. Ignore my weird eyes, they're all funny colours and I have a weird brown fleck!



  1. Not many people I know use Avon products, but I find that a lot of them are better than what I can find in the highstreet!

    Thank you for the recommendation. I'll definitely be trying this when I need a new mascara :)

    Tess x

  2. Wow, it looks so wonderful! Your eyelashes are seriously impressive!


  3. Well, that looks like a winner! Thank you for reviewing x

  4. Are Avon foundations decent? I've been debating whether or not to buy one... Hard to know the right colour online! x

  5. Cliona: Yes, they are. Well, the one I've used is. I'd definitely reccomend it :) x


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