Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Drowning in a mound of college work and exams.

Sorry! I've been in a bit MIA this week haven't I? Have a picture of my tired face - my flash on the picture before made my eyes go funny, I went to rub them and the camera went off again! This reflects my current mood! I like my nail polish though, it's Barry M's 'cobalt blue' :)
I keep meaning to blog everyday - or virtually every day anyway, but it's difficult at the moment, as I'm in my last few weeks ever of college, so we're getting mountains of work - this is on top of the revision I need to be doing for my exams. And I work as well - it's only for 2 hours, but when it's Mon-Fri it takes time out because I can't sit and revise solidly when I get home from college - because of work. I've had three mock exams this week which is just a nuisance, I cannot wait for the weekend, I'm going to just rest!
I'm moaning so much, boo me!! I'll stop. I should be able to blog more once this week is over, I've got just over half a dozen posts that I plan on doing in the not-so-distant future, andddd I might possibly do a bit of shopping this weekend as a 'well done for doing all your work' as I never do everything, but this week I am!
I shall leave you with the song I've been playing non-stop this week: Johnny Flynn - Barnacled Warship. I'm a massive fan of his, and this song is just brilliant.

Ps. I returned that top in the end, after the third day of picking it up to wear and then discarding it, I decided enough was enough!
Hope you're all well.

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  1. I hope the exams go ok. It sucks but school/work definitely has to come before blogging alas.

    Just keep thinknig of the summer holidays and keep going!


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