Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Music Monday on a Tuesday/A-Z.

Barnacled Warship - Johnny Flynn.

I've seen the quiz below on both 'birds without wings' and 'Anchor of Roses'.
Age: Eighteen.
Bed Size: Single, but with a double duvet, because I'm a bit odd.
Chores you hate: Dusting, hoovering and cleaning the bath - it hurts my back! (I sound like an old woman!)
Dogs: I don't own any, but I love them, and if I owned one, I'd want a little terrier :)
Essential start of your day: Breakfast and brushing my teeth!
Favourite Colour: Dark purple, red, blue and green.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Height: 5'2
Instruments I play: None :( I wish I could play violin!
Job Title: Student. Is that a job title? I don't really have a job.
Kids: None, thankfully. I don't think I want children in the future. They get dirty and require an awful amount of care/attention. They're cute when you can hand them back at the end of the day!
Live: Nottinghamshire.
Mum's name: Maria
Nickname: I don't have one!
One wish: That I get into Middlesex University with the grades I need!
Pet Peeve: No manners, arrogance, bad hygiene.
Quote from a movie:
It's the only way to leave. "I don't love you anymore. Goodbye."
Dan: Supposing you do still love them?
Alice: You don't leave. 
(From 'Closer'. Favourite movie ever.)
Right or left handed:Left.
Siblings: None.
Time you wake up: It depends. If I have college, 7am. If not, about 10am.
Underwear: Depends on the outfit!
Vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms and cauliflower!
What makes you run late: Everything. I'm always running late. I presume I can do things faster than I actually can, and am always ten minutes late. Ridiculous. I hate lateness!
X-rays you've had done: None! I think.
Yummy food you make: Chocolate chip coffee cake!
Zoo Animal: Hmm. Meercats or the big cats - especially Lions and Panthers!

Sorry for the lack of a quality post, I like posting something every day, but quite busy this week because it's my last week of college (ever, argh!!)


  1. I really want to try the chocolate chip coffee cake!

    Tess xo

  2. Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake sounds awesome!

  3. 5'2"? Welcome to the club! (I barely have this much!) :D X

    P.S. Check out my giveaway!

  4. I love Johnny Flynn, he's such a babe! x

  5. Eee I really like that song! I love folkesy sounding music. I've added to my "music-to-get" list.

    Also I'm the same height as you - shorties FTW.

    Good luck with college!



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