Sunday, 22 May 2011

Week in Photos.

01. Last week Starbucks were holding a 'Happy Hour' where Frappuccino's were half price between 3pm-5pm. Brilliant for my taste buds, not so much for my waistline, but oh well. The Frappuccino pictured is Caramel Cream. And yummy. 02. When buying the Frappuccino's, I thought it only fair to buy caramel waffles too. 03. The sky was really pretty one night last week, but of course, flash decided to ruin what could have been a nice picture. 04. I was on a walk, saw this beautiful house, and decided I needed a picture of it. Some-one walked past me as I took the picture, and looked at me as if I was a stalker, so I ran away quickly. 05. There was a storm going on as I took this picture outside my window, and I literally just missed some lightning. Typical! Clearly my photographing skills need brushing up. It was pissing it down with rain too, but that doesn't show either. 06. This is the ceiling of one of the buildings in the city centre, and I thought it was magnificent. Every time I go in there, I marvel at the beautiful ceiling. I may have to do a post dedicated to it, I have quite a few pictures...

How's your week been?


(I hope this posts properly, it messed up a bit as I tried to publish it!)


  1. I loved starbu happy hour they should deffo do it every friday or something!

  2. Caramel waffles?! forge tthe lipstick i think i just found a new obsession!

  3. Oooh those waffles look absolutely scrummy! The picture of the sky is gorgeous too :) I always think I should take more photos but I fail and forget my camera ha-ha!

    Lovely blog - following you now :)



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