Saturday, 14 May 2011

Weekend Wishlist

01. Topshop Knitted Pointelle Kimono Shrug. 02. Lisette Bird Ring at ASOS. 03. H&M navy striped skirt. 04. H&M pink floral skirt. 05. ASOS Blue Malcolm Suede Punch Out Brogue. 06. ASOS Green Marky Suede Traditional Brogues. 07. ASOS Purple Marky Suede Traditional Brogues.

The things I have been coveting for the past fortnight. How cute is that ring! I'm buying the Converses soon, I have a pair of pale pink ones, but they're starting to fall apart, and I don't like pink much anymore. I bought them in a pink fad I went through when I was about 12, and they got replaced by the same colour, and now I want black ones instead :)
I've been at the gym this afternoon, so I'm going to keep this brief, I've not been to the gym in almost a year, and I think I may have a heart attack.
PS. How slow is rowing 1000m in 6:30 minutes? I did this today, but I have no idea how to gauge it...
PPS. Are any of you watching Eurovision tonight? I'm unashamedly excited!


  1. Loved everything! The shoes, the skirt, the ring <3.

  2. I really love the floral skirt! You have a cool blog hon!

    The Flower Girl

  3. Hey Babe,

    Sorry to hear that Blogger has deleted your post too. :(

    It's so frustrating!

    Anyhoo, I am loving that bird ring, and that cute H&M floral skirt. ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  4. i m obsessed with brogues as well!i have only one pair for the moment but I plan on having more especially with this rainy weather (definitely a no for sandals :P)

  5. That ring is really cute!

  6. That knitted shrug is lovely. And Eurovision was great, wasn't it?! x

  7. Penny: I expected my brogues to be crap in rain, but mine are suprisingly waterproof! :)

    Emma: It's beautiful isn't it! I must have it! And yes, it was amazing. And England did really well! x


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