Saturday, 28 May 2011

Weekend Wishlist

01. Dorothy Perkins Acidwash skinny jeans. 02. Dorothy Perkins Mid wash curve skinny jeans. 03. Topshop bike tee. 04. New Look Lace-Up Wedges. 05. Topshop Skin Glow in Light. 06. Topshop Teapot ring.

This looks like a bit of a boring wishlist in terms of colour this week does it? But I'm after a pair of jeans because my beloved pair have got a hole in them, and Dorothy Perkins are the only place I can buy jeans that fit well, so I may buy a couple of pairs at once. The bike tee is just so cute, I feel like I need it in my life. I, crazily, haven't got a pair of wedges yet, which is mad seeing as I love them, so I think I shall get these, they're gorgeous! I've heard good things about the Topshop Skin Glow, and the teapot ring is just so cute!

What shops have you found that do well-fittingly, reasonably priced jeans?


  1. I think it's an awesome wish-list all of the items would get a lot of wear out of :) I especialy love the jeans they're both lovely


  2. Those wedges are gorgeous!! x

  3. I've had my eye on that bicycle tee too, it's so sweet

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. oh gosh that ring :)
    and definitely get the shirt I know lots of people with it and it looks lovely on them x

  5. Those lace up wedges are to die for! This whole wishlist would make a fantastic outfit all together.

  6. I love the bicycle tee and the wedges! Cute!

  7. The ring is so cute! Reminds me of the British countryside style! ;)

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!

  8. Topshop is great for me as I'm short and it has different leg sizes - in most other shops the legs of jeans are ridiculously long


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