Thursday, 19 May 2011

What Soap and Glory goodies shall I buy??

Completely forgot to mention this in my previous post, but I want to talk to you about Soap and Glory.
I, to the complete surprise of many people, have never used Soap and Glory products. I know, I know. But I want this to change! When pay day rears its beautiful head, I plan on buying some S&G products, but, I don't know which. I have no idea in the slightest what  I should buy. So, I'm asking for your help, lovely people!
What's your favourite Soap and Glory products, and what do you recommend?? I don't actually need anything, so any suggestions will go down a treat :)
PS. I know I posted this yesterday, but I accidentally deleted like the twit I am. It's all good though, I had it saved as a Tumblr draft :)


  1. I've never used soap and glory either - sometimes I think its all over hyped but it does seem to sell really well. Will be interested to read what everyone recommends.

  2. I love soap and glory! I think my fave is the foot cream (pretty boring) but it's what I need to get sandal ready feet! xx

  3. Don't worry, I've never used S&G products either. The drugstores I usually go to don't have them in stock. Plus, they're a little bit pricey. But I'd love to check some out - maybe a scrub? :) X


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