Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What's in my bag?

So I've seen this across many of the blogs I follow, and I'm always quite interested, so I thought I'd do the same! (That and it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't planned anything to post/write about, and I took a few pictures last week with the intention of doing a post like this.)


My bag is nothing particularly special, I get very bored very quickly, and then go buy a new bag. It's from Dorothy Perkins, and I bought it late last year.


The great mound of stuff I hulk about in my bag. Now I'm looking at it like this, I realise that, yes, I carry about a lot!
From left: Jodi Picoult's 'Nineteen Minutes', water, painkillers, diary, purse, glasses case, keys, hand sanitizer, Body Shop satsuma body/hand lotion, body spray, tissues, pen, Lipsyl, mirror, chewing gum, lipstick, purse that holds my camera. (Missing from the picture because they were in my pocket: iPod touch and phone.)
I always carry around a book, because I am a book worm. I've got a bit of OCD, so hand sanitizer is a must, and the body lotion because excessive hand cleaning makes my hands horribly dry. I always wear my glasses, but I carry the case around in case, for some reason, I decide I don't want to wear them.
I've been looking for a new purse recently - one with more card space, but this does at the moment. It's quite pretty I think.
I don't actually use most of the stuff I carry around, I throw it in with thoughts of: "You never know, I MAY need it, and if I don't have it, I shall only kick myself." Needless to say, it languishes at the bottom.

What's in your bag? If you've done of these posts, I'd love it if you linked me to it, I love reading them!


  1. I always find these posts so interesting; I always carry a book in my bag for those 'just in case' moments :) and I think festivals have taught me hand sanitizer is a must! haha x

  2. Love these sorts of posts. I also have that book although I don't think I ever finished it.

  3. I'm so nosey! I love these posts :)
    I really like your bag x

  4. We love these posts!! The contents of your bag are similar to mine (T), very sensible!! ;)

    We're now following you! Please check out our blog :)

    T & J



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