Saturday, 7 May 2011

Where the blue of the sea meets the sky, and the big yellow sun leads me home.

So today I think I may have sort of mastered the tricky little buggers that are: eyeliner flicks. Real emphasis on the sort of.

You can see it on the right much more than on the left in this picture, but it's sort of on its way there. Usually my flicks are ridiculous - almost completely vertical, or bent, or just a thin whisper of eyeliner that looks awful.

You can't see it here as much as I hoped, my camera focused on my eye, not the eyeliner, so it's sort of blurry, but it's a close-up.

I shall carry on trying to do better eyeliner flicks to show you, I hope I'll get better with practice! How do you perfect your flicks?


1 comment:

  1. I still can't manage them, i gave up trying years ago! So well done you!


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