Sunday, 26 June 2011

Book Review: 'Sing You Home' - Jodi Picoult.

There are no spoilers in this novel that you won't find out by reading the book's blurb,  I don't reveal the ending to the novel, and this review mainly contains my interpretation to the characters and my feelings towards them. By reading this review, I'm pretty sure I am NOT spoiling the book.

'Sing You Home'. A novel about a music therapist - Zoe, her lesbian partner - Vanessa, and her attempt to have control over her frozen embryo's in a trial against her now evangelical Christian ex husband - Max. This, by itself, interested me from the beginning. And as a fan of most of Jodi Picoult's work, as well being a person who is very vocal about gay rights and equality, I snapped this book up not long after it was published. Picoult's ability to create reader's sympathy for characters that could quite easily be portrayed as purely deplorable in the face of controversial situations like medical emancipation and mass school shootings ('My Sister's Keeper' and 'Nineteen Minutes', respectively) make her novels incredibly interesting to read; each time I find myself completely drawn into the stories and find some level of sympathy for almost all the characters.
'Sing You Home', however, is slightly different. Now, as Picoult has an openly gay son, I was aware that this novel may not portray the evangelical Christians as sympathetically as she often portrays her more anatagonistic characters. Even with this in mind, I was quite surprised at just how little sympathy I felt for Max and his family, and I'm sure this is not just down to my hate for homophobia.
Although this is a brilliant novel that I immensely enjoyed, it was missing the sympathy for both camps that I love about Picoult's novels, and although not integral to the book, it was quite odd to read a book of her's that was so one-sided.
If you've read it, what do you think of the novel?


  1. will have to check this out for myself xxxx

  2. Haven't read it. I did read "The Pact" a few years ago, and was slightly disappointed by it - it just never took off in the direction that I imagined it should - but I will definitely give her another read. Good recommendation.



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