Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! That's it. My last exam (Drama and Theatre Studies) finished at 15:45, and I handed in my leaver's form. That's it. I'm no longer a college student. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Yes, I am happy. Ridiculously so. Year 13 just wasn't fun for me, it was too stressful! I enjoyed English Literature (which is helpful, as I plan on doing a degree in it!) but there was just too much stress, and everybody wanted to leave. I do feel slightly at a loss, having no college and no job. What will I do with my summer?!
I plan to, for the next week at least, really just relax and do nothing apart from read some of the excess amount of books I've bought, watch Wimbledon (COME ON MURRAY) and eat my weight in crappy food. And after I get back from visiting family, I shall attempt to find a job! What do you have planned for the summer?

Anyway, this is becoming a bit of a mini essay, so I shall show you some new stuff I've bought over the past week:


Barry M nail polishes in '312 Indigo', '318 Peach Melba' and '317 Blue Moon'. I've been after these three for ages but couldn't find them!

Complicit-Nicci French, Afterwards-Rosamund Lupton, One Day-David Nicholls, Men I've Loved Before - Adele Parks.

After reading 'Sister' by Rosamund Lupton - and loving it, I couldn't wait to buy her new book! One Day is a book I've heard so much about, but not yet read. Complicit is just one I liked the look of and I like reading Adele Parks because they're easy to read!

I have about 10 other books I've bought recently, but these are the ones I've bought most recently! I don't read anything particularly highbrow, and I don't like reading snobs - those that read only the most intellectual of books and scoff at anyone who reads anything different. I read because I love it, and I will read what I want regardless of whether or not it's seen as 'highbrow'!

I bought a dress last week too, that I shall show you tomorrow (probably) :)
What have you been reading recently? And do you have any book recommendations?


  1. Well done on finishing college :-) I have Peach Melba and Indigo, really love Peach Melba x

  2. think i might buy that peach melba barry m 2mr x

  3. Ehhh I haven't been able to read much lately, but I have I Capture the Castle waiting for me. Lovely nail colours, by the way.

  4. I recomend you Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster. Follow me if you like my blog :)

  5. One Day book is very very good! Xx

  6. oooh, i've been on the hunt for a peach nail varnish to go with a dress for a wedding, i think i have now found it - thank yoou! xx


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