Friday, 22 July 2011

Best place to sell books?

I spent the morning going through some old books, and quite a few of them are in good enough condition to sell on instead of donating to a charity shop. Is Ebay, Amazon or somewhere else the best place to sell them? I could sell them on my blog, but I don't know how much interest it would generate?
Any ideas anybody has would be recieved very gratefully, having never sold anything before, I have no idea which place is the best.....


  1. My boyfriend sold a few books on Amazon, I suppose it's quite good if you can offer them cheaper than Amazon do themselves. xx

  2. Are they textbooks? Because I've used before for textbooks and it's pretty good! Otherwise try AbeBooks, Amazon, eBay... :) x

  3. oh i have no idea - i think i would use amazon x

  4. Books don't really seem to sell on Ebay so I'd say either do a blog sale or Amazon.

  5. I've just put them up on my blog, but I doubt anyone is going to buy them!

  6. I think ebay would be the best but if they don't sell, then try selling them at car boot sales maybe? although you'll probably get like 50p-£1 for the books

    hope you'll visit


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