Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Guest Post: Jazzy Elizabeth at Hivenn.


It's me again (Jazzy Elizabeth, Hivenn) and I will be guest blogger today (while Katy's away).

I love photography and I rarely use digital. Film is such a beautiful format. I like to go on adventures and take lots of photos. Here are a few from one of my favourite locations,

This is my go-to dress, it suits so many occasions. My mum bought it in the sale from Gap (£22). The wedges (not seen) are also from Gap and all jewellery is made by me (for more check out, hivenj).
Well this is my last post for Katy, I bet you can't wait to have her back.
I hope it's sunny with you today.
Love, x


  1. I love using film instead of digital! Every picture is just such a surprise, and so much more valuable!


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