Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hair Envy

Once again, I find myself lusting after another hair colour. Well, a few in fact. I also want turquoise/lilac/bright purple hair but I'm well aware that getting a job with that colour will be difficult. So my colour of choice is brunette.
I dye my hair quite a lot. I was a redhead (bright, fake red, you know the colour) in April (early followers may remember this,) then I was ginger/bright orange (a bleaching session went oh so wrong,) and now I am blonde. Only, not really blonde, but more gingery/strawberry blonde then the blonde I envisioned  when I was slathering hair dye on my poor, battered hair. You see,  I used to be blonde, about two/three years ago. Very light blonde, and I loved it. For a while. And then I changed my mind and dyed my hair a lovely dark brown the day before my 16th birthday...and then bright red a month after my 17th birthday. A warning to wannabee redheads - it is impossible to remove red hair dye from hair without bleaching or dying it black. I tried three dark blonde dyes, but the red hair remained steadfast, so I bleached it. Twice. And then dyed it three more times over the space of three months to get the colour I am now. How I still have hair I will never know. Ironic really, as I find red hair dye is the quickest fading hair colour I've tried, but when you try and erase it? Impossible. I dyed it purple, it faded back to red within a fortnight. Mad. To those that have had bright red hair and got rid of it, what colour did you go, and how much difficulty did you have getting rid of it?

I am now lusting after dark brown hair. As a natural brunette, I'm very aware that brown hair is much, much easier for me to upkeep, I don't have to worry about doing my roots on such a tight schedule, it will be in much better condition and I know it suits me. (I don't, however, know what make-up suits dark brown hair...but I'm leaving that for a post all of it's own...I know I say that a lot, but I will! If you have any tips, let me know.) So tomorrow I am popping into my local boots and I am buying even more hair dye. I should have shares in both Boots and Clairol's Nice 'N' Easy range, the amount of hair dye I buy!

I am constantly envying celebrity's hair, and the following pictures are women whose hair I especially envy (I'm certain there are grammar mistakes here but I just can't figure them.)

Daisy LoweMarina Diamondis
Lily AllenLeighton Meester
Daisy Lowe, Marina Diamandis, Lily Cooper and Leighton Meester.
(The beautiful Lea Michele was also here, but that made it odd, so I removed her.)

As you can tell, these women have very dark hair, bordering on black. Oh how I wish I could have black hair. Long black hair with a block fringe, yes please. But alas, I have an abnormally small forehead (not my words) and I don't think I can pull off black hair. I had black hair once, but I was 13 and going through my Goth stage and bloody hell, it did not suit me. I wish it did, I so wish, but it doesn't. Which is a shame.
So, within a week, I hope to have luscious brown hair. I can't imagine my hair will end up looking as beautiful as the above women, but I can wish, right?

Whose hair do you envy?


  1. I love Leighton Meester's hair its such a beautiful chocolate colour. I also have an abnormally small forehead and I find a sweeping side fringe is much better suited.
    Maryam xx

  2. Brunette hair is gorgeous :) I was red for so long but I missed dark hair too much and now I'm back there :) good luck figuring out what you want I think any shade wouldlook great on you though :)


  3. I really envy Kristen Stewart's hair in the Twilight series (not the person, let's be clear about that) but then my hair is really similiar in colour.
    Unfortunately I had a really awful hair cut in December and had to chop it all off so I'm sporting a much shorter hair style at the moment. It used to be long...and so pretty.

    Really loving the blogs btw. You have some interesting things going on here.

  4. Uggh, tell me about it! I died my hair red a while back, love it, and now fancy a change.
    It's definitely proving impossible. I now have a weird, gingery ombre to my locks - nice XD
    Can't wait to hear how the dye turns out! x

  5. I had RED hair about 3 years ago (I physically cannot express how red it was, think post box colour!) it took 4 hours at the salon to get it blonde, which involved stripping the red, then bleaching and toning over that...the result was a very painful weeping, scabby scalp due to pretty terrible chemical burns...I'm never doing that again! xx

  6. How did the hair coloring go?

  7. I think Leighton Meester has just the best brunette hair! I've been all sorts of colours over the years and have settled on blonde..for the time being! Looking forward to hearing your results, and thank you for the follow :) xxxx

  8. Oh I LOVE Daisy Lowe, I've been thinking along the same lines hair-wise but my face is too round (chubby) for a fringe. Maybe you could do a side swept fringe instead?

  9. I've been considering and re-considering whether or not I should take the plunge and go'd be quite a jump from platinum blonde.

  10. I love love love leightons hair!! Its always perfect! :]

  11. Hey! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!


  12. I had black hair at 13 too! Gofftastic. I think you'd look lovely with chesnut brown hair. x hivenn


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