Saturday, 16 July 2011


Helllllooooo! I am back! Just!
I got back this morning after a partially horrendous train journey - not only was my seat reservation double booked - and the other woman was a hard-faced bitch, but I also had a couple of screaming children in the same coach as me - it was meant to be the quiet coach! I was extremely tired, and ended up a bit grumpy. It's all good now, although I think I might complain about the double booked seat, or is that really pedantic?

I had a nice fortnight, I read 9 books! I'll talk about them a little bit in another post perhaps. I'll blog properly on Monday when I'm all sorted out, but thought I'd say hello!
I was thinking about doing a video post to catch up a bit - I enjoy watching other blogger's video's, what do you think?

How have you all been? And what do you think of the phone hacking scandal, I have a feeling it's going to just keep going with more stories....


  1. Helloo!
    I think you should complain! Constructive criticism an all that! I mean think of it this way, imagine another version of you books a seat and ends up in the situation OR it happens to you again, its worth complaining :)
    I agree with the phone hacking!

  2. Btw, I just realised, 'i agree with the phone hacking' sounda like I am FOR the phone hacking, Im NOT, I meant I agree with your opinion on the phone hacking :(
    Sorry bout that haha lol :) xxxx


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