Sunday, 17 July 2011

I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right.

Evening :)
I was going to save talk of my new shoes for my 'Week in Photos' that I plan on posting tomorrow, but then I decided my new beauties deserved a post of their own.

When I was away I popped into New Look to have a look around their sale I found some beautifullllll shoes. I know I don't actually need any more shoes, but hey ho.

The first I found were these beauties:

I've wanted some moccasins for a while now, and when I saw this reduced from £24.99 to £10, I couldn't say no, especially considering that there was only one pair left, and they were in my size! I love them so much, although I must make sure I don't wear them in the rain because they're suede!

And then I found these:

IMG_2027 IMG_2028

Aren't they pretty! High, yes, but beautiful. I was originally, looking at these a few months ago, when they were full price at £24.99 - when my bank balance hated me, and then again a bit later, when they were on sale but not in my size, and then I found them sitting there, in my size, reduced to £8! 

I am now imposing a shoe-ban for the time being though, I've bought 4 pairs in 2 weeks, eek! 

Have you bought any nice shoes recently?


  1. four pairs in two weeks? impressive!

    i love both of these shoes, especially the moccasins, i've always wanted some too! lovely sale purchases

    elizabeth x

  2. oh gosh, the best is finding amazing things for sale. it is one of the best feelings! they are both lovely pairs of shoes, i love the wedges especially!

  3. look at their heels! i love these black shoes! x

  4. Ah I love those wedges! You're lovely

    xo Maddy

  5. Oh wow, what brilliant bargains! The New Look sale is really good isn't it? I popped in there on Saturday and bought a top for £3!

    Love the mocassins especially, they're so cute! x

  6. staple buys, theyre lovely :).

    Helen, X


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