Friday, 1 July 2011

Impromptu Shopping Trip

Evening! Sorry, I would have posted this a couple of hours earlier, but I've been watching (and shouting at) the Murray/Nadal Wimbledon match. Did you watch? Who were you rooting for? And who did you root for/are you rooting for to win?

So today I originally popped into town to go to the bank. I, stupidly, managed to forget my PIN number yesterday, entered it in wrong twice, and spent all of last night freaking out because I'm going away Sunday and couldn't afford to have no access to my account for days. I managed to remember it last night, and first thing this morning (well, half 11,) trotted down the bank to see if I was right. And thankfully, I was. And then I somehow felt I needed to celebrate my miraculous memory recovery by buying things. Things I didn't really need:


I did need some summery shoes, and for £7 in the Dorothy Perkins sale I couldn't resist!


Charles Worthington leave-in conditioner. Boots are currently doing vouchers that give you £2 off products from Charles Worthington, Toni and Guy, Trevor Sorbie Umberto Gianni, Lee Stafford, James Brown London and Mark Hill. I bought some leave-in conditioner because dying/bleaching my hair from red to blonde has meant it's in quite bad condition. Not good.

I've heard good things from the Hemp Foot Protector, so I hope it does the job! A word of warning, it doesn't smell particularly nice....
I love the smell of Body Shop's satsuma shower gel, it reminds me of summer!

 Have you bought any nice things recently?
Oooh btw, I recently set up another Tumblr, as my usual one is filled mostly with Glee stuff (such a huge Gleek, it's ridiculous!), if you have Tumblr, come say hi here :)


  1. Those shoes are lovely, what a bargain! :) xx

  2. I recently did a post about the Hemp foot cream!!
    I totally agree with the smell :-)
    x x

    (Link to post in case you want to see)

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  4. What a bargain those shoes were!

  5. Eeeeep! Those shoes are SO cute :) Fabulous blog dear!!!


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