Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mid-Week Wishlist


01. How gorgeous is this jumper? I could just imagine wearing it when it's getting colder, I love an oversized knit...
02. I'm a big fan of red, it's very flattering, and once again, oversized. Brilliant.
03. I seem to have a theme going here don't I? You can tell the weather is turning, it's been bloody freezing! I love this aran jumper.
04. I went into River Island the other day and tried on a load of their hats, to see which one suited me the most, and this type suited me the most. They're so warm, so I'll definitely be getting one soon!
05. I've wanted a pair of DM's for years, and haven't managed to get a pair, but this year, I am determined to get some.

PS Sorry for being MIA this week, I know I said I'd queue a post or two for when I was away, but I ended up running late to get my train so I couldn't! What made it worse was that I got to the train station to find my train had been cancelled, and I had to wait an hour for the next one. Ridiculous. I had fun whilst I was away though, it's nice to spend time with family!
Anyway, I'm currently watching RENT, so I'ma go finish it, and cry at a certain point (those who've seen it, you know what I'm on about it!) Talking of which, if you have seen it, what did you think?

Friday, 19 August 2011



So it's the day after A Level results, and I am very, very thankful that I am not hungover. I managed to not drink a lot last night as I was up pretty early this morning, and I also discovered that it's actually pretty funny to be sober on a night out, I've never appreciated just how fun it is to watch drunk people topple about and fall over, often because of the 6 inch heels they're wearing!

I've not blogged much this week, as I've had such a busy week, what with results etc etc. I'm now appreciating just how close Uni is now, so scary!

Oh and also, I don't know if you can see it much in that picture, but I've cup my lip open! In the light, it looks like I've been punched! Which I haven't incidentally! Basically, I turned over in bed, was a lot closer to the edge of my bed and subsequently to my bedside table, and as I turned off, smacked my lip on the bedside table. Not. Fun!

I've been trying so hard not to shop at the moment, I know I need to save money, but there are so many lovely things around at the moment!


Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Level Results

Just a quick post.
How did you all do??? I hope you all got what you needed :)

Unfortunately I was 8 marks off what I needed for my firm (first choice) university, but I got into my insurance (second choice) so not too bad. Although I'm now VERY confused as to what to do about accomodation and student finance.... :/

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Week in Photos.

 01. In May, I won a giveaway on Tumblr for a set of charm bracelets - I mentioned it here - and I put on the second bracelet yesterday. I love them, they're so cute! And I have a thing for peace signs, I plan on getting one tattooed on my ankle (when I can man up and book the appointment!)
02. If you follow me on Twitter, you may be aware that I've started reading Wuthering Heights. I've been reading it for just over a week now, and I'm only 115 pages into it - I've usually finished books by now - and I have to say, it's bloody difficult for me, and so far, I'm not enjoying it too much. I shall persevere, because I hate giving up on books, I just hope I enjoy a little more soon! Have you read it? If so, what did you think?
03. This week I painted my nails with Barry M's Dusky Mauve, a colour I love. The flash was on, so it doesn't show the true colour of it, but in reality it's more grey, shining purple in the light.
04. I've become a bit obsessed with Scrabble lately. I bought my mum it for her birthday because she said she wanted to get back into playing, and I really enjoy it. Out of the past 4 games with her, I've won 3, which is good, considering how long she's been playing it! Does anyone else like Scrabble, or am I weird?

What have you been enjoying this week?

David Gray & Annie Lennox - Full Steam
I'm a big fan of both David Gray and Annie Lennox, and after discovering this song last week I have become obsessed with it! It has already double the plays of my most played song on iTunes! What song are you loving this week?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Friday links & O, curly hair

Body Shop Super Volume Mascara, Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner (as per always!) and Barry M Touch of Magic Lipstick.
I should start wearing different make-up, this is pretty much what I always wear!

There was once a time when I longed for my hair to be curly and wavy. I would using curling tongs, hair straightners as curling tongs, mousse, any product I could get my hands on for the curl I longed for. It didn't work. Mousse made my hair dry, and curls always fell out within five minutes. So I gave up, and got over my want for curls, and instead tried to love my naturally poker straight hair.
But something has changed. As my hair has got longer again, perhaps I have got lazier, but I find myself piling my hair up in buns whenever I'm indoors. You don't see this so much, as I almost always have my hair down when I go out, but then when I'm indoors, boom, it's up and out of my face minutes after shutting the door. This creates a problem. Do you see my hair in the picture? It's slightly wild, isn't it? Not quite curly, or wavy, more of a frizzy mess. THAT is what I have to work with nowadays. No matter how straight my hair is, as soon as I have my hair up for more than an hour, I take it out and BOOM. This is the outcome. At first I was pretty happy, I wanted volumised hair, and I certainly got it. But now it's just annoying. I can't work with that! The only thing that tames it is washing my hair - which I don't do every single day, because I was taught that too much hair washing strips your hair of its natural oils - has anyone else been taught that?
Anyway, I've digressed majorly. I guess hair is one of those things I'll never be fully happy with. I've spent the past 5 years yearning for every hair colour under the sun and wanting both very long and very short hair, so I've accepted the fact that if my hair is poker straight, I'll dislike it. And if it's volumised, I'll dislike it. I don't look in the mirror enough to really care, so I shall not think about it any further.
Do you feel the same about your hair, or are you generally content with it?

Anyway, I've got a few posts that I enjoyed this week that I shall share with you:
Emma shows us how to do newspaper nails, Hannah rocks the monochrome look, Sarah shows us how to wear skinny jeans to suit our body shape, Jennie shares a beautiful charm bracelet/necklace that she's found and A Thrifty Mrs tells us of some brilliant cleaning uses for Bicarbonate of Soda - one of these things that I knew was good for cleaning, but never knew what exactly it was good for....
Ooh, go follow Florence Katharine too, I love her blog!


Saturday, 6 August 2011

Weekend Wishlist


01. I'm sure I've spoken before about my want for a pair of coloured jeans and jeans in general actually, and I was reminded of my want when the lovely Hannah wore a pair. So I took to ASOS to search for a pair and came across these beauties. I love red and black, and these are so cool! I'm sure I've seen them around somewhere before, and I want them in my life. And they'd be perfect for A/W!
02. I am completely in love with these. I bet they wouldn't suit me but I do not care. What a gorgeous colour!
03. Even though it's August, I've started looking for a winter coat, because I always leave it too late, and I've found it. I can't actually afford it right now, but I'm determined to have it!
04. I want a Mulberry purse, in fact, I want about 4 different  Mulberry pieces, I want the Alexa and Bayswater in about 3 different colours!
05. As well as looking for a winter coat, I'm looking for winter boots too! I'm praying England is struck by crazy snow again, but if it is, I want some shoes with grip, and these do!

What are you lusting after this week?

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Review: Davidoff Cool Water Wave


I've been on the look-out for a new Summery perfume for a few months now, I was determined to find a scent that immediately made me go 'Yes! That's the one. I want to wear this every day!" I sprayed about 30 different perfumes in Boots, I took home countless spray sticks, but I couldn't find one that ticked the box. I almost bought Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh - then didn't because I couldn't stand spending £40 on a perfume, and I'm glad I didn't now. I remember smelling Davidoff Cool Water in a magazine sample when it first came out, and loving it, so when I saw this had been released, I was itching to try it. By a stroke of luck, I found that Boots were selling the 30ml for £10 in a special offer, and snapped it up. It's a gorgeous summery scent that's a perfect smell for me, with great staying power. I find myself sniffing my wrist sporadically throughout the day!
I love the iridescent teardrop shaped bottle, and the shades of blue incorporated into it, it looks clean and fresh.
I don't really understand the 'notes' bit that's described with a perfume, so I got this bit from the Cheap description. All I know is: Top notes are the scents you get when you first spray, heart notes are the ones after a little while, and base notes are the ones that stay on for the rest of the day.

Top Notes: Watermelon, mango, passion fruit and guava.
Heart Notes:  Peony, freesia, and heliotrope.
Base Notes: pink peppercorn, iris wood, sandalwood, amber and musk.

I'll be completely honest with you here, I wouldn't know whether or not the perfume smells like these things, as I have no idea what they smell like usually, I just buy what I think smells good without knowing the ingredients. I can smell pepper in the base notes though, which  I think is a real achievement. Can you always tell the notes in a perfume when you know what they are, or are you as clueless as me?

 Anyway, I love this perfume, summery, without being overly sweet and girly, and with great staying power, I definitely recommend it!

PS. I hit 100 followers of GFC last night, thank you!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

July Favourites.

I can't believe it's already August, this year has gone by so fast, mad!


The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel - Smells like grapefruit sooo much and very awakening on many a groggy morning!
Charles Worthington Hair Healer leave-in conditioner - Really helpful for my dry ends (as a result of too much dye!)
Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Blonde shampoo - If you have blonde hair, I really recommend it, it's brilliant! There's a brunette version - that I've just bought - I hope it's just as good!

Avon Kids Detangling Spray - I know it's for kids, but because my hair's thick and long I get dreadful knots and tangles, and I couldn't find detangling spray anywhere else. This is really good, and so cheap!
Davidoff Cool Water Wave - I plan on doing a post on this, it's gorgeous, so summery!
Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector - Even though the smell leaves a lot to be desired, it does the job!

Blistex Relief Cream - After my post asking for Lip Balm recommendations, this was one that came up quite a few times, and now I know why, it's brilliant!
Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner - This is the only liquid eyeliner I've ever used, and I love it!
The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara - I got this free in the August Instyle, and although I usually buy 'Lengthening' mascaras, I love this!

It's my lovely mum's birthday today, so I plan on spending the day shopping and lunching, I hope the weather holds up!! Hope you all have a lovely day, and what are your July Favourites?

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