Monday, 1 August 2011

July Favourites.

I can't believe it's already August, this year has gone by so fast, mad!


The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel - Smells like grapefruit sooo much and very awakening on many a groggy morning!
Charles Worthington Hair Healer leave-in conditioner - Really helpful for my dry ends (as a result of too much dye!)
Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Blonde shampoo - If you have blonde hair, I really recommend it, it's brilliant! There's a brunette version - that I've just bought - I hope it's just as good!

Avon Kids Detangling Spray - I know it's for kids, but because my hair's thick and long I get dreadful knots and tangles, and I couldn't find detangling spray anywhere else. This is really good, and so cheap!
Davidoff Cool Water Wave - I plan on doing a post on this, it's gorgeous, so summery!
Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector - Even though the smell leaves a lot to be desired, it does the job!

Blistex Relief Cream - After my post asking for Lip Balm recommendations, this was one that came up quite a few times, and now I know why, it's brilliant!
Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner - This is the only liquid eyeliner I've ever used, and I love it!
The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara - I got this free in the August Instyle, and although I usually buy 'Lengthening' mascaras, I love this!

It's my lovely mum's birthday today, so I plan on spending the day shopping and lunching, I hope the weather holds up!! Hope you all have a lovely day, and what are your July Favourites?


  1. Blistex relief cream! Love it! Don't you just wish it had some kind of applicator on the end instead of having to use your fingers? Deffinatly want to try the grapfruit shower gel now! xx

  2. Hope the weather stays nice for you hun :) the pink grapefruit shower gel looks gorgeous :) and the eyeliner looks great too I'm obsessed with eyeliner I think I hae a problem ;p


  3. Hey hun, great post, I really need a de-tangler and I love Avon so I will try this one! I also use the collection 2000 eyeliner, its fab and doesn't shift! Great blog btw, I am following, perhaps you can check mine out and follow me too?? xx

  4. I agree with what you said about the collection 2000 eyeliner - it is fab!!

    I love your new hair colour!!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  5. I really love that Body Shop foot protector stuff. I've used it for a while now and it is a really excellent product.

  6. Regarding Davidoff - what's the staying power like?
    I've sniffed it at Boots and love how fresh it smells but I've got a feeling it won't last long on my skin.. Am I right/wrong? :P


  7. i can;t believe it's august either, how?? oh, and i love the pink grapefruit stuff in the body shop (:

  8. I've jumped on the charles worthington wagon recently and I may have to get that. Lovely selection, I find these kind of posts so interesting, especially as there are so many different products out there. x hivenn

  9. I looove body shop shower gel! I got loads in the sale recently all for £3 and they were buy one get one half price, bargain!


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