Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Level Results

Just a quick post.
How did you all do??? I hope you all got what you needed :)

Unfortunately I was 8 marks off what I needed for my firm (first choice) university, but I got into my insurance (second choice) so not too bad. Although I'm now VERY confused as to what to do about accomodation and student finance.... :/


  1. Sorry you didn't get the marks you wanted/needed, but I'm sure you did amazingly well regardless!

    Tess x

  2. Congratulations on getting your insurance, I didn't get my first choice either but I'm just about to start my final year at my second choice and I love it!
    You need to get a form from Student Finance - I think you can print it off the website, to let them know you've changed your plans. Accommodation I guess you'll have to contact the universities directly? Good luck, hope everything works out for you!


  3. Well done! You're gonna have a fantastic choice, I believe in fate and you got into your 2nd choice for a reason. I remember applying to a different university to the one I'm at now and went to the interview and didn't enjoy myself there, it just felt really wrong so the place I'm at now is much better - wouldn't change it for the world!

    Student finance is all online at DirectGov now which I found easier than 2 years of collecting forms and filling out millions of pages!

  4. Ah no that's so annoying. Good luck with sorting out student finance! I'm having a real headache sorting out accommodation, they've mucked up my form and just generally are being unhelpful :(

    I've already done my A levels so didn't have the stress of waiting for results, but I'm sure your second choice will be fantastic!

  5. Well done on your results! I remember them from last year O_O ! I got horribley confused when i first opened them and thought i'd failed everything!

    What uni are you going to? they always reserve accomodation for people so dont worry too much! xxx

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