Saturday, 13 August 2011

Friday links & O, curly hair

Body Shop Super Volume Mascara, Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner (as per always!) and Barry M Touch of Magic Lipstick.
I should start wearing different make-up, this is pretty much what I always wear!

There was once a time when I longed for my hair to be curly and wavy. I would using curling tongs, hair straightners as curling tongs, mousse, any product I could get my hands on for the curl I longed for. It didn't work. Mousse made my hair dry, and curls always fell out within five minutes. So I gave up, and got over my want for curls, and instead tried to love my naturally poker straight hair.
But something has changed. As my hair has got longer again, perhaps I have got lazier, but I find myself piling my hair up in buns whenever I'm indoors. You don't see this so much, as I almost always have my hair down when I go out, but then when I'm indoors, boom, it's up and out of my face minutes after shutting the door. This creates a problem. Do you see my hair in the picture? It's slightly wild, isn't it? Not quite curly, or wavy, more of a frizzy mess. THAT is what I have to work with nowadays. No matter how straight my hair is, as soon as I have my hair up for more than an hour, I take it out and BOOM. This is the outcome. At first I was pretty happy, I wanted volumised hair, and I certainly got it. But now it's just annoying. I can't work with that! The only thing that tames it is washing my hair - which I don't do every single day, because I was taught that too much hair washing strips your hair of its natural oils - has anyone else been taught that?
Anyway, I've digressed majorly. I guess hair is one of those things I'll never be fully happy with. I've spent the past 5 years yearning for every hair colour under the sun and wanting both very long and very short hair, so I've accepted the fact that if my hair is poker straight, I'll dislike it. And if it's volumised, I'll dislike it. I don't look in the mirror enough to really care, so I shall not think about it any further.
Do you feel the same about your hair, or are you generally content with it?

Anyway, I've got a few posts that I enjoyed this week that I shall share with you:
Emma shows us how to do newspaper nails, Hannah rocks the monochrome look, Sarah shows us how to wear skinny jeans to suit our body shape, Jennie shares a beautiful charm bracelet/necklace that she's found and A Thrifty Mrs tells us of some brilliant cleaning uses for Bicarbonate of Soda - one of these things that I knew was good for cleaning, but never knew what exactly it was good for....
Ooh, go follow Florence Katharine too, I love her blog!



  1. your hair looks great!! my hair just doesnt behave, its super thin and i cant do anything to it so i know how you feel!
    Grace xx

  2. Your hair looks great curly imo - not frizzy at all!

    I used too long for straight hair and spent a year straightening it practically every day - then I thought ah fuck it and I've left it in its naturally frizzy/curly state ever since :P

  3. I think your hair looks pretty good hun! It's not horribly frizzy at all and it's definitely got volumeee my flat lil locks need a bit of your energy I think ha-ha.

    If you love putting your hair up you could try plaiting it off your face when you get in and see if that encourages more developed curl and a little less frizz whilst still allowing you to get it out of your face?


  4. Aw! It's true; everyone wants what they can't have. I love my hair for it's thickness, but god forbid it ever keeps a style.

  5. I'm loving your hair, your lip color is great also! xo

  6. I have the same sort of problem except, because my hair is naturally curly, it gets seriously fluffy when it's been tied up for a bit. So annoying!
    In all honestly though, I think your hair looks really pretty like this. Maybe if you rub a tiny bit of serum through the ends it'll combat the frizz? (although I really can't see any!) Thats what I do sometimes and it works a treat! x

  7. I wash my hair every other day because I see how greasy my boyfriend's hair gets (he washes it every day and it just doesn't look healthy). I have the same problem with putting my hair up a lot. I either smooth a tiny bit of mousse through my hair and then scrunch with my fingers (shouldn't be too crispy/dry with only a small amount) or Toni & Guy do a great smoothing serum you can put on dry hair which (if used sparingly and not at the roots) really calms things down.

    Great post.

  8. love the colour of ur top, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


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