Friday, 23 September 2011

Bye for now.

I move into my Halls of Residence for my first year of University tomorrow, and I don't know how long it'll be before I can get back into blogging properly, so instead of doing half-hearted posts I thought I'd take a break. It won't be for long, but I imagine I'll be very busy for the first week. And I'm not sure when my internet connection will be up and stuff.
I'm very, very nervous, and it doesn't quite feel real yet!

Back soon xxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My over-sized nail polish collection.

I've mentioned many times about my mahoosive nail collection, but never actually showed you all. So, here we are! Warning, picture heavy post! By the way, I'm not naming them all, I'm very tired and it'd take too long!






Burgundys/dark reds:

Pinky oranges:



So there you go. There's about 50 there, I didn't quite count them all though! I started wearing nail polish properly about 3/4 years ago, and now I always wear it! Although I haven't this past week, to give my poor nails a breather!
As you can see, I love Barry M, they have a real collection colours. I have almost every colour that Barry M do. I like Model's Own too, I want to build my collection of their stuff :)
So, what's your favourite? I can't choose mine! I have to divide them up and take some away to Uni with me, I have no idea which to choose!
I store them in two clear, purple plastic boxes, although both are full to bursting!

I'm painting my nails tomorrow, and I've decided to let you choose the colour! Which colour shall I paint them?


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Weekend Wishlist

Weekend Wishlist

I love those tights, the line down them is very classic, and the bows at the bottom are so cute! Did you know that in WW1/2, women would draw black lines like that down the back of their legs to give the illusion of wearing tights, when in fact, they weren't at all, because they were far too expensive!

I don't need another shirt, but I like shirts. And I like black. It's pretty, and sheer. 

The maxi trend is a trend I probably won't jump on, not because I dislike them, I love them, but I'm 5'3 and large, I'd probably look like I was wearing a tent. That's not a look even GaGa would venture into.

Look. At. Those. Shoes. Need I say more? I don't wear heels, and I can't afford them anyway, BUT THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL. AND SPIKY. Gorgeous.

Well you all know of my love affair with burgundy, and this oversized clutch is very trendy, and pretty. Very pretty.

It would seem I have taken a bit of a colour theme for my wishlist once again. I didn't mean to! I just like black. What's on your wishlist this weekend?

Anyway, it's 2am, so I'm going to go to bed. The songs for the new (season premiere) episode of Glee were released today, and I've been listening to them all day, I'm ridiculously excited, they're all fantastic. If you want to listen to them, I've tagged them all here on my personal tumblr.
Do you watch Glee? Are you excited? It's so close!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Review: Barry M's 'Touch of Magic' Lip Paint

When it occurred to me that I hadn't yet reviewed this lipstick on my blog I was pretty surprised. I'm sure almost all of you have either used it or heard of it. It's my favourite lipstick, I love it very much.

Although called a lipstick, I would call it more of a lip stain, as I find it lasts a lot longer than most lipsticks. 


Yes, this lipstick is green. I know what some of you might be thinking: "Green lipstick? Why, why, why would you do that?" I have not turned back into a Goth, I shall not be revisiting pink eyeliner either - but more on that another day. It does not stay green. And this is where the science comes in - also known as possibly my favourite bit. ...Considering I'm pursuing a career in English, I do love my science. I digress.
Touch of Magic lipstick works by changing colour depending on the alkaline level in your lips. If you have a high alkaline level, it will be brighter, a low alkaline level, paler. Because of it changing on each person, I believe it is a lipstick that suits virtually everyone.

My lips before:

And after:

As you can see, it goes a gorgeous, bright shade of pink. Although it is a bit brighter in real life than the camera shows. You need to apply a few coats to get a real deep colour I find, but if you just want a more subtle pink tint, one coat will suit fine.
As I mentioned earlier, it lasts a long time, and although you will have to reapply throughout a day/evening, you won't have to do so very often. It doesn't bleed or crack either, bonus. It's waterproof, and contains aloe vera, so it doesn't dry out your lips - a problem I usually suffer from.
Now you'd think that it might change colour slightly when you reapply throughout the day - if you had been eating something particularly acidic for example, but it doesn't. It seems the pH of your lips stays virtually the same regardless. Although I imagine that if you rub lemons over your lips and THEN apply, you will see a difference. I don't recommend doing that.

I also swatched my arm: (Why do we do this? Possibly not the best idea.)

This is to show you the difference between the colours. Lips have higher alkaline levels than arms apparently, hence the difference in colour.

I've almost run out my current stick of this, but I shall certainly be buying some more when I run out! You can buy Barry M's Touch of Magic Lip Paint from Boots, Superdrug or the Barry M website, RRP: £4.49

Have you used this lipstick? What did you think?

Also, this is my 100th post! Wahoo!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Weekend Wishlist: Burgundy


It seems I have begun a love affair with the colour burgundy. I have always referred it to as one of my favourite colours, but I've only just bought a burgundy piece of clothing, the beautiful dress I blogged about in my last post. So I thought I would theme this week's Weekend Wishlist with only burgundy pieces, plus, burgundy is a very good colour for A/W, even better! I plan on spending my A/W curled up in cosy knits, the bag is perfect, and although I would probably never wear those shorts, I still want them. I already have 3 sheer shirts, but you can never have too many, right? I know, the shoes are entirely unsensible (is that a word?) for A/W, but I don't care, they're beautiful, and I love them.
What colour are you loving at the moment?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Week in Photos.


  • I felt sick after scoffing the big bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble, but it was worth it! 
  • This is the new dress I queried about here, as I said yesterday, it was a pretty much unanimous decision for the red, and I love it completely. I won't say too much as I'll do a post about it for Monday!  
  • The two books I read last week. 'Notes on a Scandal' and Jodi Picoult's 'Plain Truth'. I'm a big Jodi Picoult fan, and this book didn't disappoint. And Notes on a Scandal is brilliant. After seeing the film advertised I knew I wanted to read the book, I'm glad I did! I plan on watching the film soon. If anyone has read either book (or seen Notes on a Scandal) I'd be interested to hear your opinion!
  • I know I didn't say much about where I was going last week, it wasn't too exciting, just going down to Buckinghamshire to see my family for a few days. We didn't tell my dad anything about it, it's safe to say he was happily surprised when he saw me, which I hoped he would be!
  • I've become obsessed with the musical 'RENT'. I'm a big musical fan anyway, and was recommended this, and it's brilliant.  
  • I've become obsessed with solitaire on my ipod, is that sad? Silly question, I know it's sad, but I can't stop playing it! 
I spent the majority of the week putting off sorting out my room, not only am I leaving for Uni in 3 weeks, but I'll also be moving house too, so I've got to sort allllllllllll my stuff out, blerugh!
Also, I don't know what the hell happened to those pictures, I know they're blurry, they weren't like that when I uploaded them. Grphm.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Navy or Red? Help needed!

I'm in a quandry, and I need your advice. There's a dress I really want, but I don't know whether to get it in navy, or dark red. I love both colours, and the dress is the same price regardless of colour.
Which one should I get??

Navy or red?

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