Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Guest Post: 'Feeling Beautiful'

Feeling Beautiful
By: Jackie Clark

After a cancer diagnosis, women are often devastated and emotionally wrecked. Any cancer diagnosis, such as mesothelioma or breast cancer, can put a shadow on women’s lives. It goes further than just the battle to survive; women often battle raw emotions relating to the feeling of beauty. It is one thing to suggest that beauty is internal, but when a woman loses her hair to chemotherapy it might seem challenging to feel beautiful.

Clothes and Beauty:

Though cancer can wreak havoc on feelings, particularly as they relate to beauty, it is still possible to look and feel beautiful. Fashionable clothing is one of the first steps in making that transition in mind and body.

A stunning skirt with a smart blouse or that amazing dress seen on a fashion model can go a long way to improving mentality about beauty during the worst situations. Clothing is like armor: beautiful clothing gives protection against the idea of feeling ugly. It is difficult to feel anything less than beautiful while wearing the most stunning dress.

Even a great pair of shoes can go a long way to lifting the spirits and feeling like the stunning woman who stood in front of a mirror before diagnosis issued a blow to confidence. Looking at a pair of lovely shoes coupled with a great dress can uplift the spirits, especially when it is the height of fashion.


Beyond the fashionable clothing, makeup is another tool women can use when feeling less than amazing after chemotherapy or other similar situations. With the appropriate makeup, it is possible to hide dry skin and other flaws.

Along with makeup, it is possible to add fake eyelashes to enhance the appearance of eyes and draw in eyebrows with a pencil for a beautiful look even if eyelashes and eyebrows fall out from chemotherapy.

Beauty is an internal state, but with the help of fashionable clothing and great makeup, it is possible to appear as stunning as before the chemotherapy began. Fashion is about looking and feeling beautiful from in inside out, regardless of the circumstances that bend confidence and require searching for something to bring it back into place.

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