Monday, 11 June 2012

Topshop Vectras

Hello! I know, I know. World's worst blogger award should go to me. I have been horrendous in terms of blogging since I've been at Uni, I just never had the time! But now, exams are over, I have no more assignments, and I am home for Summer, SO, blogging should get a bit better :) And how I've missed it!

So, I thought I would begin by showing my favourite new shoes. I have bought quite a few new shoes recently, including some Vans and Converse shoes that I shall leave to a post of its own, and show you these beauties instead. The gorgeous Topshop Vectras. As soon as I saw the spikey shoes, I was in love. I am a big fan of spikes, and a fan of comfy shoes, and these are both! IMG_0671 IMG_0676 IMG_0673

The spikes aren't sharp enough to cause any harm, which is helpful as I am very clumsy, and at £28, I find them at quite a reasonable price - I've spent much more money on shoes I never wear and don't love as much as these. When I originally saw the shoes, I saw them in black, but couldn't find them again, so bought the nude instead. HOWEVER, I went into Topshop today, and saw the black ones! I didn't buy them, but I wish I had, and I plan on going back and buying them tomorrow. I know it may be silly to have two pairs of shoes in different colours, but I love them and they're comfortable so why not!
You can also buy them in white, pink and green, although I don't love those colours as much ;)

Also, you may have noticed (or not,) that I've changed my layout a little bit - mainly the colour and the header. I would have changed more, but HTML is a nightmare for me, so I can't do too much!

 I promise, I won't leave it so long until my next blog post! I have a few ideas that I plan on blogging soon :) x


  1. Oh I love these! Much prefer them in this colour to black xx

  2. I love the shade of these pumps...the soft feminine colour balances out the the edginess of the spikes! Congrats on finishing up your exams...looking forward to seeing what blogging ideas you're cooking up :)

  3. I bought these recently too! And I also have the black pair haha, you can never have too much of a good thing!xx

  4. cuteeee!!


  5. So gorgeous! I love the cream pair even more than the black pair which is crazy for me ;)


  6. Great blog and I'm your newest follower.
    If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy ;)


  7. RIP to my vectras, they were my favourite pair of shoes but unfortunately got holes in and had to be thrown away. I miss them. Is it acceptable to mourn shoes?



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