Friday, 20 July 2012

£100 ASOS Blogger Challenge!

So quite recently I've seen quite a few blog posts entitled this. I decided to check it out and came to this page. Basically, as @DiscountCoder have hit almost 1000 followers on Twitter, they decided to have a little competition. It's very simple: You go on ASOS, and create an outfit for £100 or less - without any sort of discount or student discount included - and blog about it, and on August 3rd you'll find out if you've won. I couldn't pass it up as I love ASOS & creating outfits is fun. If you want to enter, head over to the blog and have a look here :)

Dress - £25
Wedges - £35
Bag - £18
Rings - £6
Total: £96

As soon as I saw this gorgeous dress I knew I had to include it. So summery, even if the weather won't necessarily cooperate! (Although it's meant to get sunnier soon, I'll believe it when I see it!) I'd dress it up with these gorgeous wedges and the clutch bag. I tried to get the bag to match one of the (many) colours in this dress, and I think it goes well with the blue you can see. I chose quite strong jewelery, because I personally don't like my outfits to be toooo girly, and I think the spikes in the ring and chunkiness of the cuffs works well.

PS. I had quite a few other pieces I could have turned into outfits, would you be interested in seeing those in other posts?



  1. love this post,follow you,hope you can follow me back :D

  2. Love how you've put this together - the colour of the bag and shoes really compliment the dress and silver jewellery works so well with it. Great job, will have to check out if I can put one together ;-)

    Thanks for your lovely comment(s), I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend xo

  3. Wow love this dress !
    I'd be interested in other outfit posts :)
    I love seeing how people style things !
    New Follower :)

    Launa in Ponderland

  4. Your dress is so lovely!!:) xx

  5. this looks amazing, that dress is gorgeous

    be sure to check out my look x


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