Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Recent NOTD

So instead of showing you the different nail colours that I have been sporting over the past two weeks or so in different posts, I decided to put all four into one post. Originally, I was going to do a post for each, but life happened, and by the time I had time to do a post, I had changed my polish four times! If you want me to a polish review in more detail let me know in the comments :)

In order of date - with the oldest first :)

Models Own 'Hedonist' from the Hedkandi range: I LOVE this. Such a bright coral, the most neon polish I own by far. It's slightly matte when on nails however, but I always add a top coat - which makes it shiny. Gorgeous colour for summer.

Barry M Berry Ice Cream & Models Own Indian Ocean: I bought Indian Ocean a while back, but I find that it takes too many coats to wear on it's own, so I had to find a polish that would go with it. As I was perusing Google I came across this blog, and found this colour combination looked gorgeous, so I went for it. I love this :)

Topshop's Barefoot and Models Own Disco Mix: I posted about the Topshop polish a little while ago, here, and I decided to add Disco Mix to it because I like an accent glitter nail, but don't think I'd want a whole hand of glitter, it's such a pig to take off!

Barry M Colbalt Blue & Cyan Blue. Barry M Red & Orange (can't remember specific names.) This was my first attempt at ombre nails, trying to graduate the second colour into the base with a sponge. As you can see, didn't really work did it? In fact, you can barely see a difference with the red/orange hand, although my thumb had quite a nice ombre effect which the photo doesn't show. Although the blue isn't very ombre, I do like the effect it has created. I think it possibly wasn't a similar enough top colour for the base, but I'm not sure. I'll try again at some point!

Which colour is your favourite? I'm currently wearing another new polish that I hope to blog about next week :)


  1. I like the ombre effect, I've yet to try it but is seems achievable! x

  2. Love the first one! Such a great eye popping colour!!

  3. thank-you for the comment my lovely! these are so yummy, i have to get hold of more models own!

    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick

  4. I am loving the first Models Own polish what a stunning colour! The most perfect summer shade! xo

  5. My favourtie is Hedonist - I LOVE neon atm!

  6. Hedonist is gorgeous! I love the matt effect that it has, super for summer :)


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