Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Shoes, glorious shoes.


Shoes shoes shoes. Can we ever have enough? No, no is the answer.
Lots of black, I know. I can't help it, I love black shoes. In fact, that green pair? There's also a black pair available which are gorgeous. I've tried them on, I can't walk in them, but hey, I can still lust after them right?

The first two pairs I've also tried on, and LOVED. However, 1. is too expensive for me at £75, so I shall be on the lookout for a cheaper pair! I do plan on buying the second pair though.

I saw 4. & 5. last time I popped into River Island a few weeks ago, and I love them. I would never be able to walk in 5. (see 3.!) but I love the spikes so much. I love how the boots have the little bit of burgundy on them, makes a change to an ordinary pair of black boots!

The 6th pair are beautiful, I love how they're translucent, I've not seen many pairs like it around, I may have to purchase a pair...

Sorry blogging's been a bit slow again recently, spending time with my other half means blogging takes a back seat! I'm also watching the Olympics avidly, especially whenever Tom Daley's beautiful abs grace my are you finding the Olympics?
I'll be honest, I thought travelling through London during this time would be absolutely horrific, but I passed straight through Stratford from Ebbsfleet on my way to St. Pancras yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised; and the extra staff were polite!

To those that have had to travel through the heart of the Olympic stations, how are you finding it?


  1. I have number 2 aka newlook onesss! Love em! Xx

  2. Where are the 6th pair from? They're amazing !
    Jena x

    1. Topshop :) If you click the '6.' underneath the picture, it should take you to the link :) x

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  4. AMAZING! I love all these shoes! Great for my wardrobe but awful for my purse!

  5. WANT! ALL! The New Look perspexes are gorgeous.

    Enter to WIN a three-part DETOX PACKAGE!

  6. Ooh I absolutely adore the 6th pair, like you say, I've never really seen many pairs like that! They're gorgeous xo

  7. oo I love the first one too :)

  8. Ooh, I totally want the second ones.

  9. Oh my god number 5 are so fit! 6 are really pretty as well. Waaaant :( xx

  10. Mm the second and fourth pairs are definitely my kinda shoe! So pretty! xx

  11. Oh this is a great selection of shoes, really like the flat chelsea boots :) Also, thank you for following my new blog too!


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