Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Review: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub


Body scrubs are not something I buy in abundance. They've just never caught my eye, I seem to spend more money on products like body butters and moisturisers to slather myself in, although I have always used face scrubs. Recently, however, I have found myself getting quite dry skin, mainly on my legs and arms, despite moisturising on a regular basis. As well as this, my skin has just been looking, well, a bit dull. It's summer for goodness sake (not that the sun is cooperating.) My skin is not meant to be dull during summer, it should be bronzed and glowing. Alright, maybe not bronzed, I don't tan at the best of times, and considering I've not been sunning myself abroad this year, I don't expect miracles. I do expect a bit of a glow during summer though, which I'm just not getting. So I set about on a mission to find a body scrub, after reading that they revitalize by removing dead skin and generally making it softer.

I headed straight to the Soap and Glory section in my local Boots - despite not using loads of their products in the past, they always get good reviews and I like the quirky packaging.
Sugar Crush immediately stood out to me amongst the other scrubs. It claims to smell like 'brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia, and it does. It's a very strong, sweet scent, that may be overpowering for some, but I personally love. 
I like my scrubs to be grainy, I find they exfoliate my skin better and I end up much softer, so this scrub is good for that. It's not abrasive enough to cause any pain or discomfort, but is grainy enough to remove all dead skin and leave my skin much softer.
I really like this scrub, it does the job, and makes my skin feel much better than before.
A 300ml tub costs £8, which I think is a reasonable price, and should last a long time if you follow the instructions of using it two to three times a week.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Everything is better with glitter nail polish.

Yup. I believe this completely. Shiny things make me happy, I am a self-confessed magpie. So, when I was feeling a bit down last week, I decided to completely glitter my nails in a bid to cheer myself up the teeniest bit. Which it did. As I lack all coordination, it takes all my effort to paint my nails without making too much of a mess, meaning I don't have a chance to think, which is fantastic when my mind is whirring as it often does. Plus glitter is so pretty it catches my eyes all the time, which cheers me up. I know, I know. I'm a fickle soul. But I had bought a few new glitter polishes that week anyway, so it made sense :)

I started off with one coat of a base colour, because with most glitter polishes you'd have to apply lots of coats for an opaque finish, whereas using a base coat of a similar colour to the glitter means less coats need to be applied. I used two coats of each glitter polish and found this to be enough glitter.



Sorry for the bad quality of the last picture, I forgot to take a picture on my camera, and had to use one I took on my phone.
I haven't noted down every single colour I've used, but if you want to know a particular colour let me know and I'll check :)

I love these nails, one of the favourite shade/s I've done in a while, but I don't know which out of the five is my absolute favourite. What's yours?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review: Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I know, I know, a lot of you have either seen reviews of this, or bought it yourself
(maybe both,) so you may be sick of reading about it; but I wanted to anyway because I'm not actually raving about the product...


So, it claims to remove nail polish in one second when you dip and twist your finger in the sponge. Is this correct? No, it's not, it's more like 4/5 seconds, but then I didn't actually expect the 1 second claim to be true. 
Is it easier to remove glitter polish? Yes, slightly, but it's still not as easy as normal nail polish. It is still a pain in the neck to remove!
It says acetone free, so surely it's nicer to nails? NO! Since I started using this to remove my polish, my nails are peeling and breaking much easier, which I am not impressed with. Beware of this!

Yes, this remover does have it's benefits. If you've messed up one painted nail, you can remove the polish without messing up the rest of your nails. It's easier than carrying around remover & cotton wool, especially if you travel a lot. I don't know the longevity of this product, but at £4.99 I don't think, in the long run, it's cheaper than regular polish remover, although the smell is much better. The red fruit and vanilla scent it claims to have is correct, it's lovely.

One thing I will say, if you use this, and then put polish on straight after, make sure you wash your nails, and then wipe them with a cotton pad or something similar afterwards, as excess oil (like that left over from the remover) will cause your polish to peel off - and that is annoying!

So, I don't know if I would repurchase this. To me, £5 is a lot to pay for a nail polish remover, but then I don't buy high end products, so that might be why....
To those that have used it, what do you think? I've heard so many raving reviews of this, but I didn't think it was THAT amazing. 3/5 for me.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Weekend Wishlist #11

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 

Why is it, that when I have no money, I can find beautiful things that I really want, and when I DO eventually, (rarely,) have money, I find nothing I like? I was in town yesterday and found so many things I liked, but I can't afford them at the moment, argh!

I love the two vests, super comfy and easy to just chuck on when I cannot be bothered to make too much of an effort, which, let's be honest, is 90% of the time. I love the skulls on the first one, and the mustache is cute!

It's probably too soon to be looking at things for Autumn, but I can't help it. I love loose knits, for when it's not quite cold enough for the thicker ones, but you need a jumper to throw over whatever it is you're wearing. I realised recently that I don't own a black blazer, but it's something I think all people should own. I had trouble finding a nice blazer that was the right length etc, and I think I have found it in this one. I tried it on yesterday & I love it :)

This dress is another RI beauty I found yesterday, although after trying it on I'd definitely wear it with a belt, without is too shapeless for me, but beautiful nonetheless :) 


Monday, 13 August 2012

Review: VO5 Nourish Me Truly shampoo and conditioner

I thought I'd show you the new shampoo and conditioner I've been using over the past month. I don't usually review shampoos & conditioners, because I don't pay too much attention to them. I've never found a 'holy grail' product, so I buy a new one each time mine runs out in the hope that I'll find one that is good enough for my dreaded locks. When I used to dye my hair, I'd look for one to optimise and keep whatever colour I'd slathered on that month, and when I stopped dying it last year, I instead headed for those that would nourish my hair. After dying and bleaching my hair nonstop for 6 years, it's in pretty bad condition. It's dry and brittle and can be an absolute nightmare; I'm sure a lot of you know what I mean.

So when I was in my local Boots, I saw that both shampoo/conditioner were on offer. I've never really used VO5 products, not due to any particular reason other than they haven't jumped out at me on the shelves before. But with the combination of the glossy pink bottles and the lure of an offer, I was intrigued. After choosing from about 5 different types - including 'Plump Me Up', 'Gloss Me Smoothly', 'Cherish My Colour', 'Give Me Moisture' and probably a few more I have forgotten - I decided with 'Nourish Me Truly.' If there is one thing my hair needs, it's nourishment! I use a hair mask once a week (which I shall review soon) and even with the extra nourishment it can still be a nightmare to deal with.

After being used for a month, I have to say, I am impressed. So impressed I have gone out and replaced my diminishing supplies, a rare sight for me and hair products! My hair feels smoother, it's glossier (which is important to me,) and most importantly, it feels nicer. I'm not saying it's perfect, I still have split ends that go frizzy, it can still be horribly dry, but in general, it does feel better. I don't think it's my holy grail product, I am definitely still on the hunt for that, but I think I'll venture into VO5 products a bit more and see what this range of shampoos and conditioners have on offer!

To those that have used VO5 products and this range, what do you think?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

NOTD: Models Own 'Pinky Brown'


I bought this colour a while back when I bought several polishes from the MO website, but I didn't get round to actually using it properly until a few days ago!
This colour is what it says, 'pinky brown'. As one of the Beetlejuice collection that Models Own sell, it contains a range of colours that shimmer and change depending on the light. It changes from a gorgeous dark fuscia colour to a metallic bronze when shone in a brighter light, although the polish is more pink than the swatch picture shows.
I love how the two colours have been combined together, they blend really well. I used two coats of this, and it was entirely opaque which I was impressed with, I also used a topcoat (Barry M's) and it lasted a few days without chipping, so no difference to most other Models Own polishes I've tried.
I really love this colour, I have no other polishes like it (which is saying something as I have over 70 polishes!) and I think this shall be in regular use!

To those that have tried the Beetlejuice collection, which one is your favourite?

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