Saturday, 25 August 2012

Everything is better with glitter nail polish.

Yup. I believe this completely. Shiny things make me happy, I am a self-confessed magpie. So, when I was feeling a bit down last week, I decided to completely glitter my nails in a bid to cheer myself up the teeniest bit. Which it did. As I lack all coordination, it takes all my effort to paint my nails without making too much of a mess, meaning I don't have a chance to think, which is fantastic when my mind is whirring as it often does. Plus glitter is so pretty it catches my eyes all the time, which cheers me up. I know, I know. I'm a fickle soul. But I had bought a few new glitter polishes that week anyway, so it made sense :)

I started off with one coat of a base colour, because with most glitter polishes you'd have to apply lots of coats for an opaque finish, whereas using a base coat of a similar colour to the glitter means less coats need to be applied. I used two coats of each glitter polish and found this to be enough glitter.



Sorry for the bad quality of the last picture, I forgot to take a picture on my camera, and had to use one I took on my phone.
I haven't noted down every single colour I've used, but if you want to know a particular colour let me know and I'll check :)

I love these nails, one of the favourite shade/s I've done in a while, but I don't know which out of the five is my absolute favourite. What's yours?


  1. My favourite is the red one, it looks so pretty, perfect for winter xx

  2. Everything is better shiney! They all look so cute, I think the red one is especially beautiful very party suitable!


  3. I'm totally loving glittery nail polish right now!! Great colours you've chosen =)

  4. great collection! glitter really does make the nails look prettier with that extra bit of shine

  5. wow! they all look soo much better! seriously need to invest in some glitter polishes they are gorgeous nails! :) xx

  6. Glitter nail varnish does really add an extra jazz to your nails. Even if you are crap at nail art like me you can easily disguise this. Love these shades you are wearing A LOT!

    Gemma x

  7. our nails look fab with the glitter on top!it's such a pain to take off though! xx

  8. They look incredible, I love barry m glitter x


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