Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review: Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I know, I know, a lot of you have either seen reviews of this, or bought it yourself
(maybe both,) so you may be sick of reading about it; but I wanted to anyway because I'm not actually raving about the product...


So, it claims to remove nail polish in one second when you dip and twist your finger in the sponge. Is this correct? No, it's not, it's more like 4/5 seconds, but then I didn't actually expect the 1 second claim to be true. 
Is it easier to remove glitter polish? Yes, slightly, but it's still not as easy as normal nail polish. It is still a pain in the neck to remove!
It says acetone free, so surely it's nicer to nails? NO! Since I started using this to remove my polish, my nails are peeling and breaking much easier, which I am not impressed with. Beware of this!

Yes, this remover does have it's benefits. If you've messed up one painted nail, you can remove the polish without messing up the rest of your nails. It's easier than carrying around remover & cotton wool, especially if you travel a lot. I don't know the longevity of this product, but at £4.99 I don't think, in the long run, it's cheaper than regular polish remover, although the smell is much better. The red fruit and vanilla scent it claims to have is correct, it's lovely.

One thing I will say, if you use this, and then put polish on straight after, make sure you wash your nails, and then wipe them with a cotton pad or something similar afterwards, as excess oil (like that left over from the remover) will cause your polish to peel off - and that is annoying!

So, I don't know if I would repurchase this. To me, £5 is a lot to pay for a nail polish remover, but then I don't buy high end products, so that might be why....
To those that have used it, what do you think? I've heard so many raving reviews of this, but I didn't think it was THAT amazing. 3/5 for me.


  1. I think I'll stick to good old remover and cotton wool.. I think it's more hype that it's a new product but doesn't seem that great really, thanks for the review :) xx

  2. I keep hearing so many good things about this but I think I'll just stick to regular remover & cotton wool too! That works fine for me. xo


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