Friday, 28 September 2012

Review: Lush's Ocean Salt Face Scrub

IMG_1320 IMG_1321 IMG_1322
I can't say I use loads and loads of face scrubs. I've use the ubiquitous St. Ives scrub a lot, which I like, and recently Clinique's 7 Day Scrub, which I didn't like as it left a gross residue. However, I was in Lush last month, and I came across this. I was after a face scrub, something different as I was stuck in a rut using my St. Ives scrub. I do think a face scrub is important, it gets rid of dirt and dead skin that face cleansers and washes just don't touch.

Ocean Salt face scrub is an abrasive scrub with sea salt, limes and coconuts to refresh and treat the skin. It smells gorgeous, really fresh - great for early mornings when you need to wake up! It's on the right side of abrasive, I like a scrub to be gritty, as I feel it makes my skin a lot more refreshed than less abrasive ones. You can add more water to make the paste less abrasive, and less water if you want it more gritty. It does not leave a residue - which is crucial for me. I cannot stand the residue left by product, it makes me want to claw my skin off, it's horrid and I can feel it clogging my pores! This scrub makes my skin gorgeously smooth as well, another bonus. I use it twice a week, any more than that and I reckon my skin would be too raw. You can use it on your body too - I tend to use it on my hands.

At £6.95 for a 100g tub (which is what I have) or £12.95 for a 250g tub, it's well priced I think. Not as cheap as some "drugstore"* scrubs, but we all know Lush uses organic and handmade products that are safe on your skin AND the environment.

I reckon this tub will last ages, I've been using it all month and there's hardly a dent in my tub! Sorry for not taking a picture of the product when it was brand new, but I just didn't think of it.

* I really bloody hate the term 'drugstore' - it's very Americanised, but I'm aware there doesn't seem to be an English alternate word so I shall have to suck it up and get on with things, ha!

This is a scheduled post, I'm currently just getting back into the swing of things at Uni, I'm probably really pissed right now, or hungover. Maybe both. If you want me, I'm still on twitter  - my personal twitter @katylouiseg is probably better than my blog twitter @sirensandbells for the time being. Back soon!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend Wishlist #13


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. I love this dress. The fit of it is very flattering, although the mesh insert is a bit risky!
2. I'm on the lookout for a winter coat and this fits the bill nice. I love duffle coats, and this looks so cosy! Plus, black goes with everything.
3. I loveeee this coat, but I don't want to pay that much for a coat. Primark are doing one very similar at the moment so I may have to buy it!
4. I love the studded trend, and this cardigan looks gorgeous, I love snuggling up in a slouchy cardigan when it's cold.
5. Winter hats are a must for me. My long hair goes mental in the wind, but I hate putting it up because my ears get cold! So hats are perfect, and the colour of this one is gorgeous!

Just a heads up, this is a scheduled post. At the time of posting, I am in the car on my way to my second year of Uni! Eek! I know we won't have internet sorted for at least a week, and I'll be really busy for 2/3 weeks I reckon, I'll have some posts scheduled so my blog won't be entirely MIA. I'll still be on twitter - either my blog twitter @sirensandbells or my personal twitter @katylouiseg - I'll probably be on my personal twitter a lot more in this time. Back soon! xx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

MIA a little...

Hello everyone! Just a quick post, I am heading off for my second year of Uni in the morning, so I won't be around much for a little bit. I do have posts scheduled for a while though, so I won't have disappeared completely :)
If you'd like to get hold of me, I'll be on twitter - either my blog twitter @sirensandbells or my personal twitter @katylouiseg so you can talk to me there, or alternatively, my email -
I will say, I'll probably be on my personal twitter a bit more!

Right, I'm up at half 6 in the morning, so I best be off! xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Models Own 'Hed Kandi'

I know so many people have blogged about this range, and even more have bought some of the range themselves, but I love the colours so much, I wanted to blog about it too!

I don't have all five colours, but I have the three neon colours - 'Balearic Cool', 'Beach Party' and 'Hedonist'.



'Hedonist' is an amazing neon coral colour, even more neon in life than in pictures! It comes up slightly matte, so I use a top coat to make it a bit more glossy. This is possibly the brightest polish I have ever owned, I love it so much. you need 3 coats to make it completely opaque.

Beach Party:


Beach Party is also very neon - although not as neon as Hedonist - and is lovely light, bright orange colour. Like Hedonist, this is quite a matte colour. I loved the colour in the bottle and on the nails, but I have to say that I was a little disappointed that it took 4 coats to be completely opaque.

Balearic Cool:


Balearic Cool is not what I would describe as neon, but still very bright. A gorgeous light blue, this isn't matte like Beach Party and Hedonist, which I prefer. Like Hedonist, this needs 3 coats to be fully opaque. It can be a little streaky, but that does go.

All three colours are perfect for summer....which is unfortunate as Autumn is here! Still, if you're missing summer, painting your nails with these colour will certainly brighten up your day!

They retail for £5 per polish - in Boots, Superdrug and the Models Own website, but Models Own often do sales and offers on nail polishes, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, they plan on doing a 50% off everything sale* if they can get to 100,000 likes before September 30th! They're at 93,000 at the moment, go like their FB page here if you haven't done so already.

*I'd just like to point out that, yes, they are doing a 50% off sale but after reading the small print, you do have to spend £25 to get said sale!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Sparks Charity

Helloo. I know I usually post about beauty, and occasionally fashion, but today I'm posting about something a little different.

Some of you may have heard about the charity Sparks, and some of you may not have done.
Basically, they are a leading medical research charity. They are dedicated to pioneering new research into conditions that affect mums-to-be, and their little ones.

Sparks have just launched a new campaign, their first in fact! This campaign aims to raise awareness for children's medical research.  Currently over 3000 babies die before their first birthday every year in the UK. This is such a ridiculously high number, a number that could be dramatically reduced if the research done was more advanced and wider spread.

"Sparks Chief Executive John Shanley explains, “The aim of this campaign is to make people aware of the need for more funding into conditions and disabilities affecting babies and children. Almost all of the current UK healthcare spend is for the benefit of adults, but much of this spend could be avoided if more was done in the early years of life.”

The campaign's website page is here. If you would like to make a donation you can do so here.

There are so many ways for you to get involved. You can join Sparks on Facebook and Twitter, or talk about Sparks on your blog, like I have done.

Whilst the campaign is ongoing, I shall blog about it here and there, you can too :)

You can find out even more by watching the short video too:

Monday, 10 September 2012

Guide to Fresher's

This time last year, I was absolutely petrified. I was a few weeks away from starting my first year at Uni, and I had no idea what to expect. I have no older siblings that could guide me through, so I was going in blind. Of course you hear the odd bits here and there, but more along the lines of ‘you’ll be drunk for a week’ as opposed to ‘what the bloody hell do I need to bring?! So I thought I would post a little guide on how to survive Freshers. I’m no genius of course, but every little helps. If you think I’ve missed anything, pop suggestions in the comments below, or if you want to ask me a question, you can contact me on twitter @sirensandbells or alternatively, email me:

Budget: I can’t stress the importance of this. Find your student finance letter that tells you what your loan will be, and work out how much money you will have each week after rent etc has been taken out. I didn’t stick to a proper budget last year and I ended up completely rinsing my overdraft – which sucks. If you have money left over from each week, put it aside and at the end of the month you can treat yourself. For a lot of people, Uni is the first time they ever have to stick to a budget, so prepare for setbacks along the way, because things will crop up that mean you need a bit of money put aside – and if you budget properly you will have to worry that little bit less.

Be friendly: I know this sounds obvious, but still. If you’re moving into Halls, when you get there, open up your door when you’re unpacking etc, so your neighbours know you’re there to chat to. I was the second person in my house to arrive so I was able to go and chat to everyone as they had moved in; it makes it so much easier!

Make the space your own: When you move in, it’s very likely your parents are going to want to unpack for you, but do not let them. You’re going to live in that room for a year, you need to make the space your own, which means putting everything where you want it, not where your parents think it’ll look best. When I moved into halls, my parents left after an hour, so I had the chance to put everything exactly where I wanted it to go. Buy cute bedding and cushions, and pretty things that will make your room seem homely.

That teddy bear you’ve had all your life, that sits on your bed? Bring it with you. Do not be embarrassed about cuddly toys, you will not be the only one in your flat who brings a bear, and if you miss home, it’s there to comfort you. have been with one of the guyrry about missing your family: I know it sounds quite harsh, but it’s true. I was scared stiff that I was going to miss my mum too much, I thought I’d be distraught and hate living away from home, but it is not that bad. By the point that you actually have time to miss anyone, so much time has passed that you don’t really miss them anymore. Admittedly, when my parents left on that first day, I cried. Quite a few of the housemates did when their parents left, it’s normal.

Don’t shit where you eat: I’m sorry for putting this so crudely, I couldn’t think of another way to address the point. Generally, it is not a good idea to sleep with one of your housemates. It’s awkward afterwards. You see them in the kitchen and you’re like ‘Oh hey, I’ve seen you naked. Just gonna go get my cornflakes now.” However, sometimes, it’s totally fine, you can forget it ever happened and be friends without having to worry about it. It’s been said it’s also not a good idea to get in a relationship with a fellow housemate, because of said awkwardness, but hey, if you want to, know the possible consequence and go for it. Where I lived last year, 3 people next door basically joined our house & virtually lived with us, so by the rules, I should have stayed away. However, I have been with one of the guys who lived next door for almost a year now, so don’t always believe the clich├ęs.

      Try and be clean: Seriously, no-one wants to live in a pig sty do they? So clean up after yourself! You wouldn’t allow it at home, so don’t allow it at Uni. Washing up after yourself takes 20 minutes tops, really not that difficult. You’ll make friends a lot easier if you’re not constantly pissing them off because you can’t clean up after yourself.
      Don’t stick to one ‘group’: Don’t stay away because you deem them ‘not your sort of person’ because of their physical appearance. You’ll be surprised at the friendships you’ll make if you open yourself up.  Even if they have Scouse Brows and fake tan the colour of leather, they may have a heart of gold.

      Do the work: First year is an easy year compared to the other two years you’ve got ahead of you. You don’t have to work super hard to get by. That being said, you do need to work hard enough to actually pass the year. If you work now, you won’t get a shock come second year when a crapload of work is piled on top of you. Get into the habit this year, it’ll be better for you in the long run.

      Don’t worry if you don’t drink a ton: When I started Uni, I was worried that everyone would think I was a square because I didn’t drink a lot. I shouldn’t have bothered worrying, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t drink much, and no-one cares as long as you have a good time! Don’t do anything because you feel pressured, you will end up regretting it.

     Make sure you eat! In the first two weeks, I was so busy, I pretty much forgot to eat at all. Bad, bad idea. I lost a load of weight, but got pretty ill at the same time.

     Load up on flu capsules: You will get Fresher’s flu. You will not avoid it, so go in prepared.

     Go the Fresher’s fair, and get everything you can: You can pick up some good vouchers and little bits & bobs, so don’t miss it.

      Get an NUS card, and look at sites like Uni Days & Student Beans. Both are fantastic for getting discounts.

      Read your course books! I do an English degree, and last year I have to admit I didn’t read all of the books. A few times, I didn’t attend a lecture because I hadn’t read the books and basically, couldn’t be arsed. Such a bad idea! Attend as many lectures as possible, don’t miss them because you’re feeling lazy. You’re paying for this education, take full advantage!

      When you move in, if you see an imperfection ie. A mark on a wall or on the carpet etc etc WRITE IT DOWN. You may get charged at the end of the year if the Landlord thinks it’s your doing, so write down each & every imperfection to stop this from happening.

      Last, but not least, HAVE FUN. The first year of Uni was the best year of my life, so enjoy every minute because it passes by bloody quickly. Takes pictures of it, and love every minute. I’m so upset I’m not a Fresher this year!!

     Obviously, I don’t know everything, my view is completely different to another person’s, but I hope this guide can help you a little bit. As I said before, if you want any advice or need any questions answered, I would be more than happy to help you however possible:
     twitter: @sirensandbells

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Review: MUA Lipstick in 'Juicy'

IMG_1312 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_1283 IMG_1307

As I was perusing Superdrug last week, I came across the MUA stand. I had already planned to buy a lipliner - which I shall review soon, when I came across their lipsticks. This shade immediately stood out to me. Quite nude, but with a hint of peach in it, this is a colour I have never tried before, but wanted to give a go. It is a great summer colour, which is funny because it's September and summer's bloody over! Unless I am mistaken, this is similar to Mac's 'Cut a Caper' at the fraction of the price - this lipstick is £1! You can't wrong with £1 lipstick. It has decent staying power - I had to reapply after a few hours, but I expect that with the amount of talking I do. It doesn't dry my lips out and it applies very creamy, which I like. I would recommend using a lipbalm a little while before applying however, because if you have dry lips anyway, it can accentuate I have discovered from the pictures. Excuse me for my disastrous face in the picture, I have no excuses other than that is my face, and I have to live with it 24/7 so shut ya face. Only kidding. Sort of. Right, I'm off to carry on re-watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony. I'm obsessed with Annie Lennox & Russell Brand so I plan to just watch their performances over and over again on BBC iPlayer! x

PS. I plan on doing a post about how to survive Fresher's next week, any tips that I should add? Let me know in the comments or twitter @sirensandbells

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Weekend Wishlist #12

Weekend Wishlist

1. I don't own any dip-dye hem skirts at the moment, But I love the look of this one & the colour is gorgeous, definitely perfect for A/W!

2. Ever year, I go on the search for the perfect pair of winter boots, and this year, I think these are the ones for me. Studded, black, beautiful. 

3&4. I can never have enough jumpers, the studded & skull detailing on these two is perfect, I shall definitely be purchasing these for when the weather gets colder.

5. I'm not one for leopard print, never have been. However, when I tried this dress on yesterday, I fell in love. I don't know what it is, but I love it and I need it.

6. You've probably seen this bag in about 1000 other blog posts, but I really like it. I'm not spending that amount of money on a bag though, so tomorrow I plan on buying the Primark dupe. 

7. These shoes are perfection. They're comfy & beautiful & I want them, but they're £60 so I love them from afar. If anyone knows a cheaper version, please please please tell me!!

What's on your wishlist this week?

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