Friday, 28 September 2012

Review: Lush's Ocean Salt Face Scrub

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I can't say I use loads and loads of face scrubs. I've use the ubiquitous St. Ives scrub a lot, which I like, and recently Clinique's 7 Day Scrub, which I didn't like as it left a gross residue. However, I was in Lush last month, and I came across this. I was after a face scrub, something different as I was stuck in a rut using my St. Ives scrub. I do think a face scrub is important, it gets rid of dirt and dead skin that face cleansers and washes just don't touch.

Ocean Salt face scrub is an abrasive scrub with sea salt, limes and coconuts to refresh and treat the skin. It smells gorgeous, really fresh - great for early mornings when you need to wake up! It's on the right side of abrasive, I like a scrub to be gritty, as I feel it makes my skin a lot more refreshed than less abrasive ones. You can add more water to make the paste less abrasive, and less water if you want it more gritty. It does not leave a residue - which is crucial for me. I cannot stand the residue left by product, it makes me want to claw my skin off, it's horrid and I can feel it clogging my pores! This scrub makes my skin gorgeously smooth as well, another bonus. I use it twice a week, any more than that and I reckon my skin would be too raw. You can use it on your body too - I tend to use it on my hands.

At £6.95 for a 100g tub (which is what I have) or £12.95 for a 250g tub, it's well priced I think. Not as cheap as some "drugstore"* scrubs, but we all know Lush uses organic and handmade products that are safe on your skin AND the environment.

I reckon this tub will last ages, I've been using it all month and there's hardly a dent in my tub! Sorry for not taking a picture of the product when it was brand new, but I just didn't think of it.

* I really bloody hate the term 'drugstore' - it's very Americanised, but I'm aware there doesn't seem to be an English alternate word so I shall have to suck it up and get on with things, ha!

This is a scheduled post, I'm currently just getting back into the swing of things at Uni, I'm probably really pissed right now, or hungover. Maybe both. If you want me, I'm still on twitter  - my personal twitter @katylouiseg is probably better than my blog twitter @sirensandbells for the time being. Back soon!

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  1. I find scrubs so difficult!
    I absolutely hate paying prime prices for scrubs because I tend to find they leave my skin really sore and raw. However, Lush do very good products so I might have to try this out...if I can be bothered to drive the 3 hours to Auckland to get it.
    Thanks for the lovely review. It covers everything!


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