Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend Wishlist #13


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. I love this dress. The fit of it is very flattering, although the mesh insert is a bit risky!
2. I'm on the lookout for a winter coat and this fits the bill nice. I love duffle coats, and this looks so cosy! Plus, black goes with everything.
3. I loveeee this coat, but I don't want to pay that much for a coat. Primark are doing one very similar at the moment so I may have to buy it!
4. I love the studded trend, and this cardigan looks gorgeous, I love snuggling up in a slouchy cardigan when it's cold.
5. Winter hats are a must for me. My long hair goes mental in the wind, but I hate putting it up because my ears get cold! So hats are perfect, and the colour of this one is gorgeous!

Just a heads up, this is a scheduled post. At the time of posting, I am in the car on my way to my second year of Uni! Eek! I know we won't have internet sorted for at least a week, and I'll be really busy for 2/3 weeks I reckon, I'll have some posts scheduled so my blog won't be entirely MIA. I'll still be on twitter - either my blog twitter @sirensandbells or my personal twitter @katylouiseg - I'll probably be on my personal twitter a lot more in this time. Back soon! xx


  1. I love the army jacket with leather sleeves!

  2. love the dress but I would be scared that something embarassing might happen...
    Good luck with your first week back, hope you have a fab time xx

  3. Loove that duffle coat, it would be so snug this winter. Hope the first week of uni goes well!

  4. I LOVE that dress! Have an amazing start to your second year! xo


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