Sunday, 28 October 2012

Five benefits of using a skin moisturiser

There are many benefits of using a skin moisturiser, making it an important part of your daily skincare routine. As there are literally hundreds of moisturisers to choose from, finding one that works well for you can be a difficult task and it’s essential that you apply a moisturiser which is specifically designed for your skin type 
Once you ‘ve found a moisturiser that suits your skin type, you will start reaping the benefits of using it. If you’re unsure of what these benefits are, take a look at the following top five benefits of regularly moisturising your skin: 

Keeps your skin soft and smooth 
A moisturiser can make your skin soft and smooth. This is achieved by literally ‘plumping’ out the skin, making it appear smoother. In removing the dead skin cells, moisturisers make the skin feel much softer to touch too 

Acts as a barrier 
Skin moisturisers act as a barrier between our skin and the molecules in the air. In doing this they prevent water from leaving the skin and help to maintain its natural moisture by not allowing water to evaporate 

Protects our skin from the sun 
It’s well-established within the world of medicine and skincare that the sun is one of the most damaging influences on our skin. To counteract this, most modern skin moisturisers have sunscreen incorporated within them to help protect our skin from harmful UV rays.  
Johnson’s Face Care range, for example, are bursting with hydrating ingredients as well as sunscreen. It’s recommended that you apply a moisturiser which contains a sunscreen of at least SPF15 to ensure your skin is adequately protected at all times 

Improves skin tone 
Modern moisturisers, such as those in the Johnson’s Beauty range, include a range of vitamins and minerals that are found naturally in the skin and therefore work in harmony with it. In providing the skin with additional vitamins and minerals, moisturisers improve your skin tone, making it appear more radiant and healthy. 

Diminishes fine line and wrinkles 
Because they plump out the skin, moisturisers are proficient in diminishing fine line and wrinkles. It’s imperative that you apply a skin moisturiser that is tailored to your skin type to optimise its ability to reduce these unwanted marks.


  1. Agree about the need of using a good cream, but I wouldn't use Johnson's anything on my skin... Too many chemicals. :)

  2. I couldn't live without moisturizers and the Johnsons day and night creams work wonders on my skin!

    Lana, xo

  3. i completely agree.
    moisturising is so so important!
    i love dove and palmers the most, both are amazing!
    i've just started following your blog, i love it!
    i love how your personality shines through, you just seem so nice!
    please pop over and say hello, i'd love to speak some more.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura x


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