Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekend Wishlist


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. I definitely don't need another coat, but this one is gorgeous and looks so cosy!
2. I don't own a pair of jeans with studs on, despite my love of studs, definitely going to get these at some point, I need studded jeans in my life!
3. Who doesn't love a Christmas jumper? I love Christmas and all things Christmassy, and polar bears are incredibly cute. I need to stock up on a few Christmas jumpers haha
4/5 I need more pretty things, especially nail varnish (cough cough) 

Sorry this post is up late! I've had the worst 24 hours and on top of that, our internet has been buggering about since yesterday!
It's definitely got colder over the past few days, and with the new John Lewis and Coca Cola adverts (squeeeee) Christmas is definitely upon us. What do you think? Do you love celebrating Christmas early, or do you think it should wait? Personally, I think Christmas is a two month thing, all throughout November and December I get excited! 


  1. I love this wish list especially the polar bear sweaters :) Soo cute going on my christmas list XX

  2. Love the polar bear jumper too cute!

    You have a new follower! xo

  3. I have this coat- I can't recommend it enough! I get loads of comments on it and it's so snuggley and warm! Great wishlist x

  4. HI! Been following you on instagram for forever and I didn't even know you had a blog haha!

    Last year I had the worst Christmas of my life (bad boyfriend and 8 months pregnant!) so this year I'm over compensating and dragging it out as long as possible! I have the money in my bank to do all my Christmas shopping but I'm refusing to because then it'll be over! I've made the kids stockings and I'm researching recipes for food gifts. The only thing that could of made it sweeter would be to have my own place to decorate, not my parents :(

    Sorry you had a bad 24 hours, it seemed to have been going around yesterday :(

    Amy x

  5. That river island jacket is absolutely gorgeous. I've always loved their range of winter coats xx

  6. I am loving the polar bear jumper!! So cute!

  7. Lovely blog!



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