Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Glitter Nail Polish

IMG_1542 IMG_1540 IMG_1543 IMG_1544
I'm a massive fan of glitter nail polish, and as Christmas is edging closer and closer, I decided, to make my nails festive, to paint them with every glitter polish I own! Luckily, I own ten!
I'm in love with them and can't stop staring at them, I've got quite a few compliments on them too which is lovely!
I haven't named all of the polishes here because there are too many, but if you want to know the colour of any of them, ask me either in the comment box or on twitter (@sirensandbells) and I'll let you know :)

What's your favourite nail? I think mine is the red!
Talking of Christmas, how's everyone's Christmas shopping going? Mine's terrible, I'll have to pop out Monday and do the main bit then, I HATE the crowds though! x


  1. I love the red glitter polish! Perfect for Christmas :)

    Allie xo

  2. Gorgeousss colours, love them all!
    Kerys xx

  3. These all look lovely, I love glitter polishes!

  4. So gorgeous! I absolutely love glitter polishes and I feel like the Holidays give me the perfect excuse to pull them all out like you!

  5. amazing! hard to pick my favourite but i think i am going to go for the models own pink and pink glitter! looks great!
    and my xmas shopping is complete! i had 28 to buy so i started early and finished last week phewww!!! i hate the crowds too! it stressed me out lol but i try not to be a grump when im xmas shopping cas i dont wana be called scrooge haha i have spent all day trying to make my blog look more festive/christmassy/cheerful haha! what your reckon?


  6. love the combo on ur ring finger :) xx

  7. Glitter is my favourite! Stunning colours!
    Just followed your blog.

  8. Love a bit of glitter polish, all the more so at Christmas! I really like the combo on the second nail in the top pic :)
    Models Own do a fantastic selection, hoping to get some for Christmas!
    Mel x

  9. Awhh, Your nails look so pretty, I especially love the 1st picture. For someone who loves glitter, this is the perfect season to use it anywhere possible hahaa! xxx

  10. Love the Barry M red glitter too! I actually just bought myself that today, can't wait to have festive nails :)
    Daniella x

  11. I'm a huge glittery nail fan too, especially over the festive period! Great post :) xx

  12. So much glitter! I love it, I actually have a few of these and I must paint my nails soon for Christmas.
    xo Natasha

  13. i love glitter nail polish, especially at christmas - my favourite at the moment is one by miss sporty :)


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