Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review: Topshop's Lipstick in 'Fawn'


Another lipstick review for you today!

'Fawn' is my fifth Topshop lipstick, and I love it just as much as the other four. I umm-ed and ahh-ed about it for months and months, and then on realising it was limited edition, snapped it up!

Part of Topshop's 'Darker Side of Nude' collection, Fawn was one of two lipsticks - the second being Wicked - a dark berry colour (wish I had picked that one up too!)
It's an orange-toned nude colour, and I love it. This is the only nude like this that I own, I have many pink-toned nudes, but no orange types, so it makes a welcome change to my ever-growing lipstick collection.

As with all Topshop lipsticks, this lasts hours without need for reapplication, doesn't dry my lips out, and doesn't take many coats to be completely opaque.

I'm glad I snapped this up when I did as it is out of stock now unfortunately, although I'm looking forward to Topshop's next collection!

What do you think of 'Fawn'?

Ps. Apologies for how bad I look in the picture, I've been quite ill lately! x


  1. I am loving the new packaging for this Topshop lipsticks. I really love the nude colours... it is so beautiful. I am glad that it lasts ages without reapplication and the fact that it isn't drying! Will have a look into it. x

  2. It looks really nice on you! Nude shades really don't work on me though. Hope you feel better soon! xx

  3. Looks lovely! xo

  4. I love this colour, it really suits you too. I'm desperate for a nude that doesn't make me look too washed out, this looks great.

    Amy x


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