Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lush Review: Cinders Bath Bomb


Cinders is a Christmas bath bomb that promises to evoke memories of drinking lovely Christmas punch and mulled wine. Infused with cinnamon and sweet orange oil, this bath bomb smells gorgeous as soon as I picked it up to smell it.

As soon as I put it in the bath, I could hear the popping candy get to work in the water, it was different - and fun - to have popping candy in the bath, although when it hit the porcelain it did sound a bit louder, which made my nervous self jump, ha!

Despite what the pictures suggests, the water does not go a gorgeous a gorgeous swirl of vibrant red and orange, instead, it goes the murky orange colour you can see the picture above. So, if you're buying this bath bomb purely for the water colour, don't. However, if that doesn't particularly bother you, don't let the colour put you off.

It made my skin feel silky smooth, didn't stain me like some bath bombs (I'm looking at you 'Enchanter!') and I smelt gorgeous afterwards.

When Christmas comes back around I shall definitely be repurchasing this, I love it! x

Have you used this before? What did you think?


  1. Bath bombs are the best!! x

  2. It sounds amazing! The popping candy must of been cool :)

  3. This is one of my favorite bath bombs from LUSH! The little popping sounds make the bath real fun :) I always want to save it, but it's the first I use!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  4. This is my favourite, used my last one up on Saturday :( x

  5. I used this one a few weeks ago, loved the popping candy sound!xx

  6. this sounds gorgeous! will have to remember to get it next christmas!


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