Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rimmel's Apocalips in Apocaliptic


I know everyone has bought and reviewed these, but as I bought mine yesterday, I got excited and had to review it straight away.

Apocaliptic is a very bright blue-based fuchsia - much bright than the pictures suggest; it has the same heart shaped application brush as the other Apocalips colours which I find useful. It lasts a few hours without the need to be re-applied, and I found I could still eat and drink with it staying on my lips.
I'm obsessed with this colour - I love bright bright lip colours and this is perfect.
Although it seems quite like a lip-gloss, I didn't find it sticky at all which is fantastic as sticky lip products are my pet hate!!

I have Apocalips in 'Nude Eclipse' as well we this, and I shall definitely be picking up the other colours!

Have you tried any of the Apocalips? What's your favourite?

PS. Apologies for the kitchen background, I'm at my mum's for Easter and this was the best light I could find! x


  1. This shade looks lovely on you!

    I've got the same colour but haven't cracked it open yet, ha! x

  2. Have heard so much about these but have yet to check them out, i keep forgetting! I love fuchsia pink shades - this one looks nice and i think it will be the one i would go for x

  3. this colour looks lovely on you! x

  4. I'm dying to try one of these. Love the colour you picked - it really suits you!


  5. I brought this one on Wednesday, loooooove it

    Kylie x


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