Thursday, 4 April 2013

Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 'Cherry Blossom'


A while ago, Boots had an offer on that meant all Revlon lipsticks, mascaras and nail products were only £5. As you can imagine, I took full advantage of this and purchased quite a few of each! One of which being the lipstick I'm reviewing today.

I love red lipstick, I have loads of them, but this is different to all of the ones in my collection. It is  blue-toned, but also pinker than most of lipsticks. It's a softer colour, I can wear it as a day-time look much easier than I can with many of my other bright, bold reds. It doesn't bleed at all, which is a bonus because that is never a good look, and it lasts quite a few hours without needing to be re-applied.

For £5? A bargain! This is a colour I pick quite a lot, and I think this will be continuing for a while :)

What do you think? x


  1. This is a beautiful colour, definitely a bargain for a fiver! xo

  2. This looks gorgeous on you, suits you :) Such a bargain too!
    Elle xo


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