Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hair Removal Methods

As summer rears its beautiful sunny head, we become far more aware of removing body hair from ourselves. I know, it’s not the best subject, but it’s essential. When the sun is feeling warm on your face and you go to change into your summer skirt, and then you stop. “Have I shaved my legs?” No. No you haven’t. Do you really want to go through the kerfuffle of shaving your legs now? Probably not. It is tricky however. Although there are many different methods of hair removal out there, what’s best?

Shaving? It’s not painful…until you catch your leg without realising and end up with a cut on your ankle that won’t stop bleeding. You have to repeat it every few days and it’s a hassle.

Waxing? There isn’t as much upkeep, no, but it is quite painful and more expensive than shaving.

Depilation? I’ve tried it once. It hurt so much I vowed to never do it again! It’s like an extreme version of plucking!

So, it would see that the most common options either require a lot of upkeep, or are just plain painful.

But I’m forgetting one of course.

Laser hair removal. It only needs to be done every 4-6 weeks – similar to waxing but without the pain! It’s easy, you don’t have to do any of it yourself. It is more versatile too. Whereas the three options I mentioned above are only options for certain parts of the body, laser hair removal can be used on all different parts of the body that has visible hair. So, if you have a patch of hair that you detest and the thought of going for a wax fills you with dread, this may well be your option.

What do you think?

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