Saturday, 20 July 2013

Weekend Wishlist - Budget Edition

Weekend Wishlist

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I decided to do this weekend's wishlist slightly different, by adding a 'budget' element to it. Normally I just pick and choose clothes that I'm currently craving, regardless of their price, but at the moment, I feel like I need to thinking about saving a bit more. I'm very aware that I finish my 3rd year in 2014, and if things don't go to plan, it'll be my final year! I feel like an adult, and saving is a thing adults seem to do ;)

So here's my budget wishlist, coming in at £45! How good is that, a whole outfit for £45, yay me.

Do you save? And what is on your weekend wishlist?


  1. Oh I love the headband. Are you still wanting to guest post on my blog?

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I love this,
    especially the top!
    Its so nice :D

    Kelly ||


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