Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Make-Up Of The Day


I thought I would show you a make-up look I tried a few days ago! It's not dissimilar to my normal make-up look, except I added a flick of Lush's 'Motivation' to the end of my eyeliner, and used one of my brightest lip colours - Maxfactor's Colour Elixir in Vibrant Pink.

The addition of blue didn't make too much difference, apart from making my eyes look a bit more colourful, never a bad thing! I tend to do the same sort of thing all the time, quite neutral make-up, eyeliner flicks and a bright lip colour, but I want to try different eye looks. This is a small step! If you have any ideas of different looks I could experiment with, let me know! 

Look how bright my lips are! The pictures don't do it justice, this is definitely the brightest lip colour I have ever owned and I love it. I adore bright pink lips, and this is the epitome of bright pink. Perfect for me! What do you think?

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