Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Favourites

This month's favourites are all make up! Instead of just plastering on anything I could get my hands on, I've been actively looking for certain pieces. That being said, I've not worn foundation or concealer for the past 10 days, see why here.

The first product is L'Oreal's Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. I bought this on a whim because it was on offer, needing something quickly as my Body Shop remover had just run out. I'm loving this remover, I'm glad I picked it up - I shall do a full review soon.

Next up are two Seventeen products. At the moment, they're doing a 3 for £10 offer, and I picked up these two and a primer. The foundation is fantastic, gives good coverage without being too cakey and lasts all day. The concealer is amazing. I suffer from the most horrific bags, and this heavy duty concealer really helps cover them up!

No7 Eyeshadow in 'Wheatsheaf' - This is an eyeshadow I've had for ages, but I'm beginning to really love and take advantage of. Perfect for a daytime, neutral look.

Topshop lipsticks Hazard and Depth. These two lipsticks are quite different, Hazard is a beautiful deep red, and Depth is a dark, dark purple - not for the faint hearted! As the weather has got colder, I've been reaching for these two lipsticks every day. I shall do full reviews on both soon.

Natural Collection Nail Polish in 'Winter Moon' - The perfect winter nail polish! It's a gorgeous shimmery cream/silver colour, it reminds me of snow! For only £1.99 it's brilliant!

So that's my October favourites, link me to yours in the comment section!



  1. I love Topshop lipsticks! Hazard is lovely x

  2. I need to try the topsjop lipsticks!

  3. i get really awful under-eye bags too so i might have to try this concealer! x

  4. Top shop lipsticks are such good quality for the price! Also seen a lot about the concealor and really want to try it now xxx


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