Monday, 27 January 2014

Barry M Lipstick in #121 Pillar Box Red

I am of the belief that you cannot have too many lipsticks. I have around 50, and I would happily double that amount. That being said, it suddenly occurred to me that I only have one 'true' red lipstick, and I have never blogged it. Therefore today I decided to rectify that!

I must have had this lipstick for almost two years now, and it's starting to run a bit low! As with all Barry M lipsticks, it is incredibly pigmented, but it does transfer when eating and drinking which is a shame.

A true red lipstick is a staple for most girl's lipstick collections, and this is a good lipstick to pick up if you're not willing to spend £15 + on a lipstick, as it retails for £4.49, which is nice and cheap!

What's your favourite 'true' red lipstick?


  1. That lipstick suits you so much, you look lovely! and My favourite red lipstick is 01 by Kate Moss (Rimmel)
    Mahsa xx

  2. My only red lipstick is Ruby Woo but I never really wear it :/
    Blog of Bits and

  3. Ohh it's a lovely shade, really suits you! <3

    Jennie xo |


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