Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I'm doing the Bootea Teatox!

Hey guys!
Although I always preach the idea of loving your body and loving yourself regardless of your looks, I do not take my own advice. I've never liked my body - although that's a more serious post that I'll save for a later date.

Anyway, I've not been so healthy recently. I've allowed the pounds to creep up as I eat more cake and don't think about what I put inside my body. I have never been thin, but I'm the biggest I've been in two years, and I do not like that. I enjoy going to the gym, and I do like healthy food, I just need to kick myself up the bum every so often to remind myself.

A few of my friends had tried this thing called 'Bootea Teatox' and they lost quite a bit of weight, over the two weeks, so I was naturally intrigued, I love anything with tea after all ;)

That brings me to the product itself, Bootea! It is two natural teas, a morning tea and a bedtime time tea, and when combined with exercise and healthier eating, are meant to help you lose weight, suppress your appetite slightly and cleanse your colon.

The ingredients of the morning tea:

The ingredients of the evening tea:

The bedtime is meant to be taken every other night, and the morning tea to be taken every morning. The ingredients are all natural which is a plus! I have no idea how I'll go with this, but once the 14 days are up I'll do a post about how I found it and if I lost weight etc!

Wish me luck!


  1. This sounds interesting! Good luck! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. yeah very interesting! i think all of those ingredients are supposed to be really really good for you so i wouldn't be surprised if this helps people lose weight.

    Hope it goes really well Katy!

    Shani xo


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